Slice Sussex Interiors

Slice Sussex have made a bold and unique difference to their premises.  Unlike most coffee shops, Slice Sussex offer a diverse range of services that go beyond the general coffee shop expectations.  They promote themselves as a coffee house, a deli, an eaterie, a bar, a lounge, an art space, and as a boutique short film cinema.  
With this fantastic range of services, it's interesting to see how they have managed to present their interiors in a way that suits all these purposes, for both daytime and evening needs. 
Home baked cake on reclaimed work top in cafe 
The rich grey finish used throughout is a flawless and charming colour, which blends beautifully with the natural wood furniture and flooring.  Slice Sussex have managed to create an environment which surrounds you with an earthy relaxing atmosphere.   
Creative art on walls in cafe
The walls are treated as pieces of art, offering information in a creative and artistic manner through the use of white chalk drawings and writing.
Vintage Chair used in cafe in hove
Vintage and upcycled furniture are found through-out, adding to the feeling of true authenticity and the warm welcoming feel you get when you enter their doors. 
Wall in Cafe used as a Boutique cinema
With one large light grey wall, a boutique cinema finds it's way to Slice Sussex, offering the community creative short film entertainment in the evenings. 
The ingenious interior design used at Slice Sussex, shows evidence of being scrupulously researched and meticulously designed.  
Additional features to like about their interiors include positive messages on the walls.
Leaving woolen blankets out for customers.
Wool blanket draped over vintage chair in cafe
And the use of upcycled grain sack to cover the sofa seats.
old grain sack used to upholster sofa in cafe in hove

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