Paris Wine Bar in Hove

Paris Wine Bar in Hove
When we entered the Paris Wine bar, which can be found in the heart of Hove, East Sussex, we were delighted by the warm welcoming feel this bar instantly gives you.  
The Parisian Interiors is luxuriously presented through-out, with much attention to detail carried out in the design of this bar.  
Paris Wine Bar Seating
As you enter the bar, the curved deep red chesterfield style leather seating has been made with not only comfort, but also socialising in mind.   The seating surrounds a wooden table, creating a great use of space, plus the deep striking colour adds to the glamorous interiors.  
The exposed brick work blended with rustic wood is an excellent way to create a warm and indulgent rich and natural look.
Paris Wine Bar Rustic Interiors
The French interiors is carried through-out the bar, with wooden floors blending in with rustic wood features and wooden tables. 
The Bar at Paris Wine Bar in Hove
Whilst many places would simply make a bar from a solid structure with wood cladding as a finishing touch, the Paris Wine Bar have taken things a step further by indulging in a deep red leather surround, matching the seating used through-out.   The bar itself is breathtakingly stunning, and is a real feature for the Paris Wine Bar.  Taking a seat, or simply standing by the deluxe bar is enough to put a smile on anyones face.  
Recycled Wine Crates used at Paris Wine Bar
Old recycled timber boxes have been upcycled to make space for a display of French wine and champagne.  This creative and imaginative display is an eye catching piece of art, which simply blends in with the rustic features of the bar. 
Paris Wine Bar Chandalier
The Paris Wine Bar have have created a brilliantly French chic and sophisticated interior style bar, paying attention to detail, and making sure key features are kept in line with their desired look.  

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  • Elise

    Thanks guys, its great for me and the team to see the rewards of our hard work over the last few years. Come and see us when you’re in town

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