How to throw the best Easter party in your garden

Easter is usually the first opportunity we have of kicking back since the hub-bub of the festive season. Depending on which weekend in spring Easter falls, it can also be a long weekend full of sunshine. With the clocks on British Summer Time, it means we can enjoy longer days and this means one thing – a garden Easter party.

Easter eggs in garden

Welcoming guests, family and friends can be relaxed and enjoyable, especially if you have planned everything beforehand. This means you can relax and enjoy the party too. But how can you create the perfect garden setting for your Easter party?


Just like you decorate your home for Christmas, decorate your garden to welcome Easter and celebrate spring. Choose decorations in pastel colours – think pretty pinks, baby blues and shimmering, light yellows. We love bunting for adding a touch of elegance to the garden. Look for gingham checks for table covers and napkins.

Easter garden party decorations at modish living

We also love the idea of an Easter tree, hanging pretty bows and decorated polystyrene craft eggs from the still bare branches of a shrub or tree in the garden, taken care not to knock the emerging fresh buds.

The Dining Table

Whether you choose to lay on a sizzling spring BBQ or lay a table full of delicious buffet treats, an outdoor dining set is a worthwhile investment.

Round St Mawes Garden Table in Reclaimed Teak with rattan chairs

Shop Round St Mawes Garden Table in Reclaimed Teak

Hardwoods, like this teak outdoor table, survive the weather so much better and our table comes complete with galvanised ice trough, perfect for any party. Pair with rattan dining chairs for a perfect setting.

The Outdoor Sofa

The spring summer trends for 2017 in outdoor furniture is a trend that is set to stay. Informal furniture – swinging hammocks, lounging day beds and large corner sofas – adds a relaxed feel to any garden.

Bosham Garden Corner Sofa Set

Perfect for your Easter party, liven up the garden sofa set with a large throw and cushions.

The Outdoor Occasional Table

The set of rattan garden furniture comes with its own matching coffee table but you can never have too much of a good thing. For bigger parties with more guests, having occasions tables dotted about for drinks and plates of food is a great idea.

Luxury Chilgrove PE Rattan Sofa Set coffee table

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As well as using the best materials for outdoors, we also make sure that we add as much value as possible which is why this coffee table in hardwearing teak has a central caddy for keeping drinks cool.

St Mawes coffee table in reclaimed teak with storage space for drinks

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There is no reason why you cannot accessorise your garden and garden furniture. From hanging contemporary lanterns – solar powered or containing the romantic flicker of candlelight – to outdoor rugs, there are no ends of accessories and additions you can make.

Contemporary Anthracite Lantern in graphite grey with nickel plated tops and handles

Shop Contemporary Anthracite Lantern

Throws, however, have a purpose and that is that as the evening temperature drops at your Easter party, our pretty throws let the party carry on by keeping people warm. Who says the party has to end when the sun goes down?

Nordic Fisherman's Knit Cotton Throw for easter

Shop Nordic Fisherman's Knit Cotton Throw

The Easter Egg Hunt

It is almost obligatory, but an Easter egg hunt is great for everyone, from the small guests to the adult ones! Hide differently coloured eggs all around garden, leaving easy to find ones for the youngest guests and so devilishly difficult ones for the older ones…job done!

How to throw a big office party for Easter

Christmas is not the only time for a party! With Easter just around the corner, why not take the time to kick back with your colleagues and enjoy some fun together? Here, we show you how.

Oldman White Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

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Easter Decorations for the Office

Like all good parties, getting in the swing of things starts with decorations and Easter parties are no different.

Think pastel colours – pretty shades of pink, greens and yellows – and of course egg-shaped decorations, along with fluffy yellow chicks.

Create an Easter tree using twigs and small branches and hang small, egg-shaped decorations compete with pretty ribbons.

You can easily make your own decorations or buy from retailers on the high street or online. And don’t forget the stationery cupboard – here are probably plenty of things in there that could be used to add Easter sparkle to your office. Paperchains made from pastel coloured paper, for example, work a treat and there are bound to be other objects and items you can use.

Tasty Treats

The egg symbolises new life and with Easter and spring time the perfect match, many people feel invigorated around this time, looking forward to sunshine and warmer weather.

easter cupcakes for office easter party in boardroom

It also means a four-day weekend, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the garden, days out and a spot of DIY. Most work places have their Easter celebrations running up to the long weekend and for many workplaces, that means enjoying food and drink together as well.

The boardroom table that you invested in to give your boardroom a chic, yet professional appearance can double as the buffet table, laded with homemade sweet treats or shop-bought delicacies.

With our boardroom furniture, you can create the perfect meeting room or office with chairs to suit your requirements exactly, no matter how big or small your conference room table needs to be.

Oldman office furniture collection of boardroom tables

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Easter Fun and Games

An office that laughs together, stays together – or so we think!

The days running up to the glorious long weekend is the perfect time to enjoy a few games with your colleagues.

Clear the meeting room and enjoy a few games:

  • Easter egg hunt –an office-based Easter egg hunt is perfect. Hide eggs of all sizes around the office and under boardroom furniture and enjoy the hilarity that ensues.
  • Guess the number of eggs in a jar – send the jar around the office and suggest workers donate a small sum of cash to your chosen charity. Whoever guesses correctly or as close as possible wins the jar full of yummy chocolate eggs.
  • Egg & spoon race – allocate people into teams and create an obstacle course for participants to negotiate. No running allowed and the egg must always be balanced on the spoon (and not held in place with a hand or by any other means!)
easter chocolate eggs on bespoke office desk at modish living

    Easter Gifts

    As well as Easter eggs, there are also all kinds of delightful gifts you can give to staff and colleagues.

    Gifts don’t have to be chocolate either. Pretty mugs and cups, along with Easter hampers full of goodies are just a few suggestions – why not opt for a tea hamper of tea-lovers or coffee hampers for the coffee-lover in the office?

    Who can deny that Easter is a great time of year? Banish the winter blues and say hello to summer with a fun Easter office party.

    What you must have in your dining room this Easter

    Your dining room is often the hub of entertaining both family and friends. Whether you've created an open-plan kitchen dining room or you've held on to your separate dining room, we have a few tips for creating the perfect space for both quick, mid-week meals and dinner parties. 

    Firstly, make sure there are enough seats for all your guests. Unless you are really tied to the space you're working with, think about the maximum amount of people you tend to invite for dinner at once. If you have the space, it's always handy to have a couple of extra chairs for potential unexpected guests too! Or choose a reclaimed wood dining bench. Perfect for seating more people, or little children and when you don't need it at the dining table you can place it in the hallway to bring a rustic charm.

    Rustica Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench

    Shop Rustica Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench

    An extendable reclaimed wood dining table is a great choice for any home. The extensions can be neatly stored for quick, mid-week meals but will also fit all your guests around with ease once pulled out. When you are finding a dining table for your space, think about how much space it will take up when extended. Will you still be able to comfortably move around it and fit dining chairs at each end?

    Dorset Purbeck Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table and Cream Chairs

    A wine rack or a sideboard is perfect for storing all your dining room essentials, and plenty of drinks too! However, you can also use it as an extra space to display easter decorations and for popping extra serving dishes if you've run out of space on your table.

    Chedworth Natural Wooden Wine Rack in Dining Room with Drinks

    Decorations are always key to finishing off a room and giving it personality. A contemporary painting or two on the walls is perfect for making a statement which can really be tailored to your personal style. If you don't have the real bunny for Easter, you can at least get the painting of a Hare! 

    Shop Grey Hare Canvas Art

    Dress your table with with natural linens and, if you've chosen upholstered dining chairs, choose a similar fabric for these too. Finish with smaller decorations like a couple of dramatic candle holders and add gorgeous fresh flowers. For a fun, springtime injection of colour add a bright colour napkin to your table or add little flowers and place cards to each setting at the dinner table.

     Find more inspiration for your dining room on the Modish Living blog.