What you must have in your dining room this Easter

Your dining room is often the hub of entertaining both family and friends. Whether you've created an open-plan kitchen dining room or you've held on to your separate dining room, we have a few tips for creating the perfect space for both quick, mid-week meals and dinner parties. 

Firstly, make sure there are enough seats for all your guests. Unless you are really tied to the space you're working with, think about the maximum amount of people you tend to invite for dinner at once. If you have the space, it's always handy to have a couple of extra chairs for potential unexpected guests too! Or choose a reclaimed wood dining bench. Perfect for seating more people, or little children and when you don't need it at the dining table you can place it in the hallway to bring a rustic charm.

Beam Reclaimed Wood Bench

An extendable reclaimed wood dining table is a great choice for any home. The extensions can be neatly stored for quick, mid-week meals but will also fit all your guests around with ease once pulled out. When you are finding a dining table for your space, think about how much space it will take up when extended. Will you still be able to comfortably move around it and fit dining chairs at each end?

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Trestle Dining Table

A wine rack or a sideboard is perfect for storing all your dining room essentials, and plenty of drinks too! However, you can also use it as an extra space to display easter decorations and for popping extra serving dishes if you've run out of space on your table.

Kensal Wooden Wine Rack and Sideboard

Decorations are always key to finishing off a room and giving it personality. A contemporary painting or two on the walls is perfect for making a statement which can really be tailored to your personal style. If you don't have the real bunny for Easter, you can at least get the painting of a Hare! 

Hare Painting on Wall in Dining Room

Dress your table with natural linens and, if you've chosen upholstered dining chairs, choose a similar fabric for these too. Finish with smaller decorations like a couple of dramatic candle holders and add gorgeous fresh flowers. For a fun, springtime injection of colour add a bright colour napkin to your table or add little flowers and place cards to each setting at the dinner table. White Plate on Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

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