Bring luxury in the dining room with velvet dining chairs

Fashionable or fuddy-duddy? Like most materials, the popularity of velvet waxes and wanes as our likes and dislikes change. But it seems that velvet is here to hang around for some time yet and it goes wonderfully with a reclaimed wood table.

Maybe it is the luxurious feel, the beautiful colours and the texture that velvet offers a room that makes it such a popular choice next to an industrial dining table with other reclaimed furniture surrounding it. We took to both Instagram and Houzz to ask our followers about velvet and whether they see as a material going out of fashion.

The answer from both platforms was immediate and decisive – velvet is still a popular choice and if the comments are anything to go by, it will remain so for some time to come!

Velvet in the dining room

As a material, the short, luxurious pile of velvet is welcome in any room of the home. There is more than a hint of luxury to velvet sofas and armchairs in the living room. And there is one other room where velvet makes an impact – the dining room.

The beauty of velvet is that it fits with every style, including the industrial style and even the rustic and the farmhouse if you are willing to fuse elements together.

As a material, it is one of the most luxurious you can choose and yet, add a little more aplomb with structure, and you have a dining chair with a difference.

Celine Velvet Dining Chair

This stone-grey velvet dining chair with its ‘criss-cross’ leg is perfect for when you want to add a note of subtle glamour to the industrial dining room, its colour works wonders too. Grey is, of course, neutral in terms of shade and hue and yet there is enough of a glamorous edge to this dining chair that makes it perfect against any industrial dining table.

Subtle, yet decisive detailing

More grey velvet dining chairs but this time, the colour is much lighter and the finish more modern in its appeal. And yet, there is a minimal finish to this chair that makes it worth taking more than a second glance at.

Bladon Grey Velvet Dining Chair

The black legs sit perfectly with the style of the chair, with the stud detailing and button back adding subtle, yet decisive style features to it. There is an understatement to these velvet dining chairs that make them a firm favourite with our customers.

Shape is everything

Even when you have decided to opt for velvet upholstered dining chairs, don’t forget that shape still plays a part. If you have a smaller dining room or less space, a dining chair with less height can help the eye to appreciate a less cluttered dining room landscape.

Sasha Velvet Dining Chair

But you don’t have to ditch velvet dining chairs – take a look at these lower-backed velvet dining chairs.

Tall and elegant

Sometimes, to make a statement you don’t need fancy accoutrements and trappings, or even bright colours. Height can be what you need such as with these higher-backed velvet dining chairs without armrest. The studwork adds a welcome subtle note of elegance too and against an industrial dining table, they work in harmony.

Imperial Light Grey Fabric Dining Chair

With the popularity of velvet showing no signs of waning just yet, would you consider velvet dining chairs? 

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