Create an industrial dining space with a twist

Mitcham Industrial Oak Dining Table Top

Industrial furniture may just be the perfect choice for the dining room, being classic enough that you won't grow tired of it but offering unique design elements that add a pop of excitement to a room which can end up looking more functional than stylish.

As with any room, work with your basics first - it's very hard to tie a room to one throw or cushion you've fallen in love with but much easier to build from your biggest piece of furniture, whether that be the sofa in your lounge or the dining table in your dining room.

At Modish Living, we are big fans of opting for an industrial dining table, as it manages to create a modern look which is sophisticated and eclectic all at once.  

For the glamorous industrial space

Chalfont Industrial Wooden Dining Table

We absolutely adore our new Chalfont Industrial collection with its mix of gorgeous light wood and golden brass table legs creating the most luxurious finish. If you are looking for an industrial style which still looks clean and elegant, you are bound to fall head over heels for the Chalfont Dining Table. 

Make sure to pair the dining table with stunning velvet dining chairs to keep the space looking coordinated and keep accessories to a minimum - perhaps a large floor rug, a couple of large potted plants or lanterns to add some character, and a large wall mirror. 

Cleo velvet dining chair

In terms of colour scheme, opt for beautiful soft hues like greys and taupes and pastels and keep it simple with your walls and flooring, to let the furniture do all the talking, and to create the perfect space for opulent dinner parties with friends. 

For the dramatic industrial space

Mitcham Industrial Oak Dining Table with Spider Leg

Deep colours and mid-toned wood are a fantastic combination for injecting a little bit of drama into your dining room. We love our new Mitcham Industrial Spider Leg Dining Table for its chunky black base at the centre of the table (and the fact it also comes as a statement square!)

Perfect for creating a Brooklyn inspired space, pair the dining table with slim black or brown leather dining chairs, dark walls and a gorgeous flat weave rug to recreate this stunning look. Bonus points if your room has some exposed brick or you're brave enough to paint a wall or two a gorgeous charcoal grey to really amp up the industrial look. 

For the curvy industrial space

 Oxford Industrial Oval Dining Table

Oval dining tables are a great option if you love to entertain and get everyone involved. With no one stuck at the end and far removed from conversations, an oval table is fully inclusive yet still provides plenty of space to get all your guests seated. 

The Oxford Industrial Oval Dining Table is beyond perfect. We particularly love how the simple elm table top has been framed with black metal for an understated industrial finish. Sat on a fluted metal base, the table makes a real statement and is bound to receive endless compliments.

To draw attention to the black metal accents, opt for industrial dining chairs, or alternatively, create a contrast to the edge of your table with fabric or velvet upholstered chairs. The unique shape of the table makes it the perfect option if you are looking to have some fun with your decor, for example like injecting a fun pop of colour - perhaps yellow for something really vibrant and eye-catching?!

How do you feel about injecting industrial style into your dining room? Are you all for it, or do you still have some reservations? 

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