Create the rustic home office look

The rustic style with reclaimed wood furniture brings warmth and functionality to any space. There is an organic feel to this style that makes is a popular choice for home office furniture. And no wonder. Built around being functional and practical, it is a style choice that lends itself well to a space that needs to be versatile whilst offering an efficiency to its use. But the rustic style doesn’t mean rough swan, unfinished wood. It is so much more than this.

Elegance and refinement – the rustic home office desk

The rustic style was borne from an era when items were made from the materials that were to hand. And in some instances, that means repurposing items, very much as we do today and call it upcycling.

Brown Leather Desk with Cross Legs

Thus this rather pleasant rustic home office desk pays homage to this time gone by. With notes reminiscent of a case, there is a delight to this desk that makes it a tactile piece. How could you not smile when you see this beautiful item in your home office?

Leather seating

A clear component of the rustic style is the abundant use of natural materials, again borne from the original rustic style in which every day, commonly found items were used.

Brown Leather Desk Chair

Thankfully, our love affair with leather is unlikely to end and so, for the rustic home office, the aptly named Mustang brown leather office chair is the ideal addition.

It introduces a hint of the industrial style, a not uncommon fusion. Adjustable and comfortable, this swivel office chair is the ideal companion to the office desk.

Home office storage

With so much happening ‘in the cloud’, the type of office storage we need has changed. Gone are the days of long rows of filing cabinets lined neatly up against the office wall.

We now have space in the home office but we still need storage in varying amounts and we also need to be surrounded by beauty in the office too.

Practical and stylish are two descriptions of the rustic style thus there are options;

  • Bookcase – for a striking style statement without it being too imposing, opt for the taller bookcase  - a slim bookcase with ample shelving. Perfect for everything from books to smaller items, as well as stylish accessories that add detail to the room.

Reclaimed Wood Bookcase Styled With Plants and Books

  • Console table with storage – when space is at a premium and perhaps your storage needs are not as great as a bookcase, opting for a slimline piece such as console table with drawers is a fabulous alternative.

Reclaimed Wood Console Table With 3 Drawers

    The rustic colour scheme

    What colours do you think of when you consider the word rustic? You’ll probably think of earthy colours and you wouldn’t be far wrong.

    Stick with the ‘natural’ shades of the colour spectrum and you won’t go far wrong. For stronger shades consider terracotta, for example, as well as sage chalky greens. Or a neutral colour palette will be a pleasant backdrop that allows the rustic office furniture to stand out.

    Louis de Poortere Flat Weave Grey Rug

    Grey is a useful colour, ideal in a flat weave rug to add texture and detail to the office but also as a neutral colour that has a bit of warmth to it too, something we know many people search for in the neutral colour palette.

    The rustic home office is awash with style. Add the notes of functionality that you need, and you have created the home office you will love!

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