Editor’s pick for a luxurious Christmas

The festive season is a time of warmth, with the cosy throw and ample scatter cushions defending the mind, body and spirit against the chill of winter. Warmth is brought about by layers of different textures, as well as rich, deep colours and glitter. Anything that glimmers and glitters is gold this season.

And this is the basis of our editor’s picks.

Burnt orange and the glamour of gold – in a sofa!

The sofa demands it has to be both comfortable and stylish. But in our eyes, the Chestey sofa delivers this and more.

Chestey Velvet Sofa

If there is one item in our range that oozes festive glamour and appeal it is this delightful piece, available as both a 2-seater and 3-seater sofa. The inlaid stripe feature, the beautiful gold framing, the deep hues of the oranges… we could go on but suffice to say, it is festive perfection!

The drama of the festive season with the Blackbone Collection

It’s new to our range and one that is already showing signs of being a best seller. And no wonder, the drama of black oak sitting alongside the understated glamour of gold-coloured metal, it is the ideal combination for festive drama.

Blackbone Industrial Oak Drinks Cabinet

The Blackbone drinks cabinet is surely a must-purchase for the party season. Imagine your guests enjoying cocktails from this elegant piece in the living room.

Cocktail in hand, they can recline on the Chestey velvet sofa enjoying the landscape of your beautifully styled and decorated living room.

Blackbone Industrial Oak Square Coffee Table

The industrial oak coffee table sitting square in front of the sofa is ideally placed for showing off the dimensions of the two or three seater sofa – as well as being functional for empty cocktail glasses.

Blackbone Industrial Oak Side Table

Using side tables from the same range, we would frame the sofa to allow its beauty and glamour to shine. The Blackbone industrial side tables are tall and statuesque, but the ideal height against the taller arms of the Chestey sofa.

If you want to continue to promote symmetry in the room, the Blackbone Collection also boasts a beautiful industrial TV stand too.

Ambience with light

You want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home – light is an important part of creating a pleasant backdrop whether you are enjoying a quiet night in or welcoming guests to a festive party.

The industrial look should never be sparse and cold – there should be pockets of detail and interest, some of which are unexpected.

And that’s why the editor light pick is the Martino table lamp.  Complete with a metal base, the detailing of the pineapple stand and the slightly oversized shade will add a step up in detail, without detracting from the beauty of the velvet sofa and reclaimed wood furniture.

And finally…

Louis de Poortere White Pepper Rug

As living room rugs go, this editor’s pick board could easily take on several colours and patterns. We have chosen an understated Louis de Poortere grey rug, with a traditional albeit faded pattern. Grey against the burnt orange is a match made in heaven and of course, there is a timeless connection between grey and the black of the industrial furniture.

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