Editor's luxurious picks of the year

There are many things we love about interior design, one of which is when something takes us by surprise when it comes to their popularity. We follow the latest trends and styles, enjoying the industrial interior design look across the home choosing some of your favourites from the last year.

Burnished gold and copper toned rug

Louis de Poortere Mad Men Cracks Deep Mine

Using rugs in a room adds texture and colour, we know that much, but the ease in which it can be changed turns the humble rug into something akin of a magic carpet. We weren’t surprised at just how much you loved the burnished copper and gold rug with swirls of dramatic black. Great in any style or for any season, we have found that the change of seasons to autumnal colours gave this rug a significant boost.

Ovalicious dining table!
In the dining room, the dining table should always be THE centrepiece. From the grandeur of a rectangle dining table to the beauty of the round dining table, we have something for every style.

Sussex Oval Dining Table

In some ways, we shouldn’t have been surprised that the beautiful oval dining table should become a firm and popular favourite this year. It combines everything you need – interesting style and shape with plenty of industrial style about it too. The detailing of legwork shouldn’t be overlooked either.

Velvet is here to stay

When it comes to fabric, is there anything better than velvet? There is a decadence about it that draws attention and we have noticed a significant shift in customers considering adding velvet dining chairs to complement their reclaimed oak dining table.

Daley Velvet Dining Chairs

It isn’t just the fabric and the texture of velvet, however, that is drawing the crowds but colour too. Take the velvet dining chairs in blue velvet, a bespoke selection from the Daley dining chair range, for example, and just how popular they have become. You’ll smile every time you see them in your dining room…

The sideboard winner

A solid oak sideboard fits any design scheme and is certainly not out of place in the industrial landscape either. Great for the living room as well as the dining room, the large sideboard offers plenty of storage without compromising on style.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Sideboard

The solid oak sideboard from the Mitcham range has become a late bloomer with the simple detailing and finish proving attractive. Not overly detailed or fussy, there is an understated classic-ness to this that makes it ideal for the streamlined industrial style.

In the hallway…

… and finally, for this Editor’s Picks, we end in the hallway. We know that in many homes it is a small space with hallway furniture needing to be clever it what it adds in terms of style and storage solutions.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Console Table

No wonder that when it comes to reclaimed wood furniture, the oak console table with its open, streamlined design has become a firm favourite with customers. Unpretentious, there is a classic simplicity to this piece that wasn’t lost on us – and it wasn’t lost on you either!

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