Editor's pick of the month: the stunning Standford collection

Standford Reclaimed Wood Dining Room

The Standford Reclaimed Collection is stunning.

A collection of exquisite pieces, it is no wonder it is one of our most popular range of furniture. With a nod to the industrial style, there is a warmth and practicality about it that means it ‘fits’ with most style aspirations and budgets.

There is detail without fuss. There is warmth but with clean lines. Satisfying uniformity but with character. Any piece can be both the star of the show and the supporting actor. No matter what the room, how large or small the space, the reclaimed Standford collection offers perfection.

But with Christmas on the horizon, we find that many of our customers are looking to the collection for the dining table. And why not? Sturdy, full of character and very practical, the editor’s pick of the month is surely perfection for your Christmas dining room too?

Take a Closer Look: The Standford Dining Table

The industrial style is a satisfying mix of ‘raw’ materials: metal and wood are ideal partners when it comes to a dining table. The reclaimed wood surface of the Standford extendable industrial dining table is ideal for any dining space, bringing character and warmth.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Top

What makes this dining table popular is the fact that is can extend, perfect for when you have family, friends and neighbours gathered for a festive get-together. But perfect for when you are enjoying a smaller, intimate meal and don’t need such a vast table.

The Standford industrial dining table set offers great value for money. Choose from the table with four dining chairs or, better still for a busy household, a table with two chairs and a dining bench. On the dining bench, guests can hunch together to enjoy what’s on offer, just add extra padding with a sheepskin rug or two.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench

Take a closer look at the quality of the reclaimed wood across the entire range of the Standford Collection, including the Standford dining table in all its magnificence, by visiting our newly revamped studio. More details here.

Other Pieces from the Collection

As well as the extendable dining table and dining table sets, there is a range of items that complement your new dining table.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

Storage is essential in the formal dining room and the kitchen/diner and frankly, there is nothing better than the Standford industrial sideboard. There are various options, from the medium sideboard to the reclaimed wood Standford large industrial sideboard. With drawers and plenty of cupboard space, your fine dining crockery and cutlery can be stored away safely, until the next dinner party…

Standford Reclaimed Wood Glass Display Unit

There is also the display unit, a heady mix of reclaimed wood frame, with glass and the black metal legs, an ingredient found across the collection. There is something grand about this display unit that makes it the perfect addition alongside the sideboard and dining table but without being overly ostentatious.

And that really is what sums up industrial style furniture: there is a grandeur to it that comes from the history, the grain, the undulations of the reclaimed wood rather than from showy details and frills.

And we think – we know! – this is why the Standford Collection is one of the most popular. If you want to create a stunning backdrop for your Christmas dining room, look no further than this superb collection.

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