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Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood Large Chest of Drawers

Reclaimed wood furniture is much loved for its rustic style and charisma. Artfully designed, the truly luxurious Whiteleaf bedroom collection has been handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen in India and would look beautiful in any bedroom. 

The Whiteleaf collection is simply stunning alone, so will look fantastic however it is styled. But cleverly accessorised with the right pieces, it is the perfect statement furniture you'll love for many years to come.

Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood Bed

Any bedroom has to start with the basics - the bed. What really sets apart the Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood Bed apart from the rest is the drop dead gorgeous headboard. The intricate carvings in the wood are brought to life with the whitewash finish, giving the piece a luxurious finish that will certainly create a focal point in the room. 

In any modern home, extra storage is invaluable. That's why a storage chest at the end of your bed is perfect. The wooden blanket box and coffee table in the collection is a great solution for storing bulking items like extra bedding or winter clothes at the end of your bed and will add enviable style too.

Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood Wardrobe

Then you have more traditional storage options like wardrobes and chest of drawers. The gorgeous carvings on the Whiteleaf pieces make pieces such as these feel far more special and will make getting ready on cold winter mornings feel that bit more enjoyable. 

The mix light and darker colours running through the wood are beautifully highlighted in a monochrome colour scheme. Use luxurious pieces like statement bedroom lamps on your bedside tables, a large sheepskin rug on the floor and chunky throws to really boost the style. 

When it comes to smaller accessories like a table lamp, you can really add some drama. In terms of table lamp choice, something with a dark grey or black shade is perfect for modernising rustic furniture and adding a cool, urban influence. Keep these colours running through the room with monochrome patterned cushions and a coordinating dark throw. You could even add a statement canvas above the bed to really bring everything together and showcase the natural look of the wood.

Colborn Ladder Bedroom Decoration Modish Living

Make sure you also add plenty of white to keep your room light and soothing. Add a gorgeous white sheepskin rug, either on the floor or even draped over the end of the bed for that luxurious, log cabin inspired look. You could even add a light wooden ladder to your space. Wrap fairy lights around it for a cosy, welcoming atmosphere, perfect for the upcoming winter months, or leave it bare as a space to hang throws to add texture. 

Have a look at the Whiteleaf collection and create a coordinated look in your home with reclaimed wood furniture. 

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