Feast your eyes with editor's pick of the month: wonderful sofas

Maxwell Leather Sofa

It is an essential piece of living room furniture, the item around which life in your home will probably revolve. It is the place where we snuggle on cold, dark winter nights, rain lashing at the window. It is the place where we take a power nap, the place where we cuddle with our significant other and the place where when illness strikes, we enjoy its war, enveloping welcome: the sofa.

Stylish, functional, sumptuous and always welcoming, the sofa must be chosen with care. It needs to offer everything to everybody.

It needs to be practical yet robust, capable of withstanding the rigours of life in your home. It also needs to look stylish and in keeping with the style of your home, from the charms of the rustic style to the pleasing marriage of materials as part of the industrial look.

Thus, choosing a sofa is a heady responsibility but thankfully, with this month’s Editor Picks, we make sure that you have the pick of the best.

Maxwell Leather Sofa

First on our list of three sofas is the pleasing look, feel and style of the Maxwell leather sofa. Material is a common cause of concerns, especially the use of fabric – how long will it stay looking great? – but leather is the catch-all in terms of robustness and practicality without compromising on function.

Maxwell Leather Sofa at Modish Living

And a brown leather sofa is universally accepted into any design scheme too, from the farmhouse to the uber-modern, right through to the industrial look. Add throws and cushions during winter for an extra slice of comfort and warmth. Frame it with a reclaimed wood coffee table and you have something really good going on.

Padstow Sofa

You may hanker after ‘something different’ but are unsure how or what you are looking for. Let us introduce you to the delights of velvet, the must-have fabric for 2018 – but its delightfulness will outlast this year, and the next and many more after that.

Padstow Sofa

There is something regal about this velvet Chesterfield sofa. Maybe it is the combination of velvet with the iconic shape of the Chesterfield, the perfect combo if ever there was one. Opt for the olive colour and you will right on-trend for the coming year too.

Sits well with all kinds of designs, but in particular, if you hanker after the vintage look, this is a great addition. It also makes a great addition to the industrial look – who said you can’t add a note of quirky? – and the modern style too.

Bretby Sofa

Another great example of a velvet Chesterfield sofa, we’ve included the Bretby sofa in the list simply because, as a piece of modern living room furniture, it is right up there on our must-have list.

Bretby Chesterfield Sofa in Velvet

Available in gorgeous colours and fabrics (including the outrageously beautiful amethyst), it adds a sense of sumptuousness to any living room. As well as the crushed velvet and the rich colour choices, there are two other details that make this sofa stand out from all others.

The stud work on the arms and the iconic shape, a style that simply slots into place. It says “look at me”, but it doesn’t scream it, rather whispers it with a pleasant persistence that makes everyone take a double look at it.

And so you have the full range of choice: the brown leather sofas, the Padstow sofa with the elegance of velvet and the siren of the sofa world, the rich coloured Bretby sofa. Which would be your choice?

Hard to decide? Have a look at our collection of sofas here.

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