How to add glamour to your reclaimed dining table

Glamour doesn’t have to be fake diamonds or anything that glitters. Use shiny surfaces sparingly, choose your metallics with care and opt for luxurious materials and a palette of fusing colours to produce a dining room with glamour, fit for any reclaimed dining table.

Sumptuous colour AND material

Glamour means different things to different people, but a broad definition would be to bring to a room sheer beauty – and then emphasise and amplify it so that there is a wow factor. A combination of colour and sumptuous material makes for a great starting point, something that comes in bucketloads with the Riley purple dining chairs.

Riley Purple Velvet Dining Chair

Velvet dining chairs are the epitome of glamour, wouldn't you say? A beautiful texture, soft to the touch, marrying velvet with an intense, vibrant look-at-me purple is ideal for sitting alongside your reclaimed wood dining table.

To chandelier or not

If there is one key element to a glamorous room, it is the lighting. Soft and gentle, lighting accents and illuminates but opting for a chandelier isn’t the only style pendant you should consider to illuminate your dining table. The recently added Arlington gold and black pendant light is modern but has decadent detail that makes it stand out glamorous.

Arlington Gold and Black Light

The colour palette – understated shading

Understated may not be a word you associate with glamour. But it doesn't have to be ‘in the face' bright colours that pack a statement. Genteel colours such as mocha, smoky grey and barely-there blue-grey are the perfect elegant backdrop that allows the purple velvet chair and pendant light to sing.

Louis de Poortere Mad Men Cracks Abyss Blue Rug

Of course, there are other ways to add colour with a blue rug; a flat weave rug being the ideal platform for the dining table as well as the other reclaimed wood furniture gracing your glamorous dining room.

Glamorous dining table

The smaller details can add the glamour to a dining room which is why we would choose an industrial dining table with high-shine metal legs. The Redmond industrial dining table is an excellent example of industrial fused with glamour, ideal for the glamorous room we are creating.

Redmond Reclaimed Elm Dining Table

Please be seated…

… on dining benches! We can hear you gasp but look at the sublime beauty (and comfort) that the Luxe grey upholstered dining bench bring to the room. Not your hard wooden bench, and yet it is still practical and welcoming. Its high sheen legwork marries well with the industrial dining table, as well as the other reclaimed wood furniture in the dining room.

Luxe Grey Buttoned Dining Bench

If an upholstered dining bench is not your choice, then colourful velvet dining chairs would make superb statements or opt for grandeur in terms of style to ring a note of change.

Go dark, be dramatic, make a bolder statement

Retford Reclaimed Wood Cabinet

Adding dark wood furniture to any room makes a very bold statement. You have to be confident in your choice such as with the Retford reclaimed wood cabinet. A beautifully tall and detailed cabinet, this can be everything from your drinks cabinet to the sideboard, holding your dinner service and glasses.

Is this the look for you?

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