How to create an Industrial living room

The industrial style makes for a very stylish living room. But how can you achieve this look? Take a look at the editor’s best picks.

You know the industrial styled living room (and home!) is right for you if you prefer the unique look and feel of reclaimed materials. If you prefer leaving the clean, sleek and manufactured show home look to others, then industrial furniture delivers.

Big and bold without harshness or bright colours, there is a soothing undertone to the industrial style. Taking its cue from the interiors of the industrial buildings around us, colours tend to err on the neutral and natural side.

Think in tones of browns and black, adding a touch of grey to lift the look. If you feel it needs more and is too flat for your liking, opt for the natural green lush colour of indoor plants.

Barkby Brown Leather Armchair and Sofa

The floor

As well as opting for natural flooring materials, you want to create a neutral base from which the rest of the room grows.

Thus, making the right choice of rug is essential. Our range of Lois De Poortere modern rugs boast many choices - we’ve chosen the Mad Men Central Yellow rug. Its golden tones ideal for the patina of a reclaimed wood coffee table and the rest of the industrial style furniture in the room.

The seating

Seating needs to be comfortable, stylish and practical. The industrial style is characterised by lower lines and backs of armchairs and sofas, maintaining the same height for cohesion.

The Barkby range won’t disappoint. The leather armchair from the range is proving popular, more so since it has been featured in many interior design magazines recently.

Simple yet elegant, set aside its brown leather sofa counterpart – available in two and three seater options – you can see the bare basics of an industrial styled living room are in position.

The coffee table

The coffee table performs several practical functions – holding a clustering of accessories, candles and magazines – but it does something else: it pulls together the seating of the room.

It needs to have the right dimensions. It should never be larger than the sofa but not too small it looks lost. It should be at a lower level to the seating height too.

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Coffee Table

The Maddox elm coffee table, a fine example of reclaimed wood furniture if ever there was one, is also the perfect example of the industrial style.

Black metal legs, simple yet stylish, topped with reclaimed wood, brought together with exquisite craftsmanship, it has the correct dimensions and the right pitch of practicality for the Barkby armchair and sofa. 


This style doesn’t have to be devoid of all accessories – it isn’t a minimal look, necessarily but it is one where the supporting cast of sculptures on the reclaimed wood shelves and artwork are carefully chosen.

Add depth, texture and character to your industrial styled living room by arranging your accessories on an industrial-inspired display unit.

Industrial Wooden Bookcase

The black steel frame of this industrial wooden bookcase sits well alongside the black steel frame of the coffee table, another nod to cohesion but without it being too matchy-matchy.

Is this the style for you? We’d love to see how you have created your beautiful industrial style living room – why not share your photos with us?

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