Our beautiful top picks for a colourful St Patrick's Day

Telford Green Velvet Dining Chair

St Patrick’s Day will be celebrated with style and aplomb on Saturday 17th March 2018 and although it is usually associated with shamrock green, there is no reason why you can’t add colour alongside it.

And so, with this in mind, we take a look at how to include green in your home – and not just for St Patrick’s Day either! – and other must-have spring colours and accessories.

St Patrick’s Day

A cultural and religious festival, the Feast of St Patrick’s is the perfect excuse to gather family and friends to enjoy time together. Celebrated not just in Ireland as a patron saint, St Patrick’s Day is marked in towns and cities across Britain and the world.

It is also a festival heavily decked out in green. The deep, vibrant green of the shamrock is an emblem we all recognise and for those of us wanting to add a hint of green to our homes this spring, we have some great ideas of how to do this.

50 Shades of Green

Bamford Sofa in Green Harris Tweed

There are many different shades of this natural colour, from bright, luminescent pastel shades to the darkness of moss green and earthiness of khaki. As with all colours, choosing the tone of green that best suits your home depends on many things, including your style, likes and dislikes and the abundance of light in the room too. While some people love a green sofa, others can't think of nothing worse!


Green works with all interior design styles, although admittedly some shades work better in some than others. The farmhouse style, for example, would work best with ‘natural’ shades whereas the angular pleasantness behind the industrial look would sit well with darker, earthier shades. This industrial style dining table, for example, would sit well in a dark green room or flanked by darker green accessories.

Green accents

Telford Green Velvet Dining Chair with Black Chairs

As an accent colour, green is a fantastic choice. Just imagine the impact these green velvet dining chairs would have in your dining room! There is a difference between vibrancy and ‘glowing’ and we think these vibrant coloured chairs are perfect for both the industrial table and the farmhouse styled table too. The velvet adds luxury too!

Hand in hand with nature’s colours

Marlon Armchair in Leather and Tweed

Staying with the natural look for the time being, we couldn’t talk about green as an interior colour without lining it to natural materials and colours. The beauty of brown leather and the soft-touch Harris Tweed have long been an ideal combination and when it comes to armchairs, is there anything better, we wonder? From brown and green tweed, there is a green armchair out there that will sit perfectly in a living room.

Green notes

If nothing else, introducing a splash of green in a space can be easily altered and rectified with scatter cushions and throws. But when you are ready to commit, why not opt for a green rug? Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and even as a runner in the hallway, a green rug is perfect for introducing a note of spring in the bedroom too.

Louis de Poortere Spring Leaves Green Rug

For a stronger green finish, this green rug from the de Poortere range is a bold choice and would sit well with a brown leather sofa and green armchair.

This striped green rug from the same range adds a hint of cool modern, perfect we think for your feet to fall onto in the bedroom first thing in the morning…

How would use add green to your interior design?

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