Our editor's obsession: luxurious dining chairs to love

English Beam Extendable Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Leather Dining Chairs

The dining room is a space you can really go all out when it comes to creating a feel of luxury, especially if you are fortunate to have a separate dining room. My preference when it comes to home decor is to create a bit of a contrast between old and new for a touch of personality, and that's why I love pairing a reclaimed wood dining table with luxurious dining chairs.

Brownsville Grey Upholstered Dining Chair

Grey fabric dining chairs create a timeless, elegance in any room and are the perfect compliment to reclaimed wood. The Brownsville Dining Chairs are the ideal modern dining chairs for pairing with any dining room table - from glass to reclaimed wood to light oak. The magnificent dining chairs are understated from the front but the button backs will add endless style to any space. The detail being on the back is great to ensure your dining table doesn't look cluttered once dressed.

Colonial Reclaimed Wood Dining Chair

The Colonial Reclaimed Wood Upholstered Chairs with Lion Ring are certainly the public's favourite. The upholstered dining chairs offer classic style and functionality with the padding offering deeply comfortable seating. The iconic studding on the back of the chair against the luxurious cream upholstery creates a dining chair with attitude.

Arielle Navy Velvet Dining Chair

Velvet dining chairs are the ultimate choice when it comes to luxurious seating. The simply stunning Arielle Navy Velvet Dining Chairs may be my personal favourite. The contrast of the ultra contemporary curved base against the classic, button base is something special and will look fantastic with any dining tables, especially those which incorporate steel or glass. These velvet dining chairs are oozing in wow factor.

Colonial White Leather Dining Chair

White dining chairs are the obvious choice if you are looking to create a monochrome colour palette. But there is no need to worry about white being impractical - these Colonial White Leather Dining Chairs are the perfect option if you want to inject some white into your space. The studding around the edges of the chair will add a cool sophistication to any modern dining room or kitchen table.

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