Give the aviation passionate dad the best gift this Father’s Day

Aviator Collection at Modish Living

Father’s Day in the UK has been celebrated since it became an American tradition. Back in 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson decreed that the third Sunday in June would be Father’s Day.

Prior to this, Mothering Sunday had been celebrated for some years, since the turn of the 20thCentury in fact.

In the UK, we followed suit, allotting the third Sunday of June as the day we celebrate the man who undertakes the role of dad. 

This could be your birth father, your grandfather of the significant male in your life who stepped up to the challenge of offering you unconditional love, support – and the ability to fix almost anything.

Celebrating Father’s Day in style

Just like Mothering Sunday, you want to treat your Dad to something that you know he will love and cherish for years to come.

Airplane above water

If you dad, step-dad, grandad, foster dad or your ‘stand-in’ dad loves aviation, we have the best ideas…

The Aviator desk

The Aviator collection is characterised by its metal and rivets appeal. It represents the rawness of aviation as this is how everything from a Boeing to a Spitfire looks before it has its livery painted and added to it.

Aviator Wing Desk

The Aviator desk is simply stunning. With a hint of a wing shape, our delivery team can assemble it in a room of your choice. In other words, dad walks into his revamped study to find the most beautiful of desks. Complete with shelving and drawers for storage, it is more than just a stylish icon – it’s a practical one too.

The Aviator desk chair

As leather office chairs go, this is surely one of the most unique and stylish you will come across. NOT available on the high street, this metal capsule with exposed rivets shell, complete with sumptuous brown leather interior is the desk chair your dad needs.

Aviator Leather Chair

Or why not include it in the study as the leather armchair? It is certainly stylish and comfortable enough to be just that.

The Aviator sideboard

Storage is always a problem, whether that is keeping your prized whiskeys and gins safe or important paperwork. The Aviator large sideboard solves all these problems.

Aviator Sideboard

But it isn’t just the storage. It’s the detailing that we love. The clasps on the cupboards at either end of the sideboard, the slender, vertical handles for the centre cupboard and the curves, the rivets and the craftsmanship– all things your dad won’t fail to notice.

Pull it all together

Working with high gloss metal finish can be tough to style in a room and so you need to soften its impact, but without dulling its style statement.

Aviator Coffee Table

Leather is a fantastic material to combine with metal, as too as darker neutral shades. Why not include a brown rug, for example, to frame the room from the floor up? Include an occasional side table in dark wood or go the whole ten yards with the Aviator rivetted metal coffee table, perfect for bringing the whole room together.

Sheer delight but…

The Aviator is not one that likes to be ‘put in the corner’. It has a physical presence, unlike any other collection we stock so make sure the room dimensions are just as generous.