Make your farmhouse dining room fit for a feast

Imagine inviting round family and friends for a fantastic meal that everyone loves, in a warm welcoming atmosphere that really brings everyone together. There are special times to celebrate – like a summer menu for a Father’s Day meal in June or a tasty menu for cold winter nights. You want a dining room that is stylish, practical and welcoming. And for us, there is only one style that pulls all this together – the farmhouse style.

Hoxton Rustic Oak Trestle Dining Table

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Basic Styling Principles of the Farmhouse Look

To get the farmhouse look, you need to know some basics of the style;

  • Wood – and lots of it! Wood should be the dominant material when it comes to furniture. For an authentic farmhouse look, opt for weathered or reclaimed wood.
  • Neutral colours – patterns and colours should be neutral as the modern farmhouse look is not all florals and checks.
  • Antique accessories – to add a greater sense of history to your farmhouse dining room, choose antiques to complement the reclaimed wood table.
  • Minimise clutter – the farmhouse look is all about simplicity so ditch the overly-fussy ornaments.

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Creating a Welcoming Farmhouse Dining Room

Dining together is important for any family, with family get-togethers a fantastic way to enjoy each other’s company. To kit out your dining room in the farmhouse style, we have everything you need, as well as a few hints and tips…


Start with the floor and our top tip is this: keep it simple. Choose a neutral carpet or consider reclaimed wood or weathered floorboards for a truly authentic feel to the room.

The Table

The dining furniture should be the centre of the room, both in its placement and its position in the whole design scheme. As you would expect, we have some great farmhouse-styled dining tables. A perfect example should be this rustic and delightfully appealing farmhouse dining table. Made from oak, it is both durable and strong, it has a style all its own, ideal for a farmhouse dining room setting.

Windsor Oak White Farmhouse Extending Dining Table for farmhouse dining room

For larger gatherings, you will need an extending dining table and we think this white-framed table does the job.

Dining Chairs and Benches

In olden times, the bench was commonplace at the dining table with the chair signifying the seat of power. The ‘head of the house’ sat in the chair at the head of the table and in more well-off families, a ‘spare’ dining chair was kept for guests.

In the farmhouse dining room, a bench is an ideal solution for squeezing guests around your table, with reclaimed dining chairs offering comfy places to sit and enjoy your feast. Mix and match, or opt for a cohesive look throughout your dining seats.

Bespoke Reclaimed Wood Pew Dining Chair pair for dining room

Sideboards and Bookcases

Stay away from fussy china cabinets and instead opt for a practical but stylish wooden sideboard.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack Sideboard

Or opt for the majesty of the kitchen. As well as the weathered look of a reclaimed wooden dresser, we also have an all-white dresser in two sizes, perfect for the kitchen and the dining room.

Lighting and Accessories

Both of these should be kept simple, using distressed metal pendant lighting that works well in your space. With minimal clutter, we love adding tea-light holders to a farmhouse dining room, and this set of these elegant holders work perfectly.

Bella Ball Tea Light Holders (pack of 3)

Simple yet stylish, welcoming yet functional - how will you create your farmhouse dining room?