5 questions and answers about reclaimed dining tables

reclaimed wood dining table top with grey fabric dining chairs

industrial dining table in reclaimed wood and black steel legs

The popularity of reclaimed wood furniture, and in particular the reclaimed wood dining table is on the increase. If you are considering purchasing a reclaimed dining table, then you may have some questions. Let’s take a look at the answers to 5 of the most commonly asked questions about reclaimed wood furniture, to save you time deciding on what to go for.

1. What does reclaimed wood mean?

To put it simply, reclaimed wood is the term that is used to refer to wood that has previously been used for another purpose and has been repurposed and given a new lease of life in another guise. The wood may have been used as part of a structure like a building, ship or railway sleepers. As such, the wood will have some of the original markings that are associated with age, such as nail holes that add to its uniqueness and character.

close up of round reclaimed wood dining table

2. Is a reclaimed wood dining table safe?

The reclaimed wood items that can be purchased from reputable furniture shops are safe for use, for example, pieces such as a reclaimed stool or reclaimed dining table. It is very important to purchase reclaimed wood items from a trusted source who will have put all of the appropriate measures in place to ensure the quality and history of the wood used in the reclaimed furniture that they offer. The type of reclaimed wood that is not safe to use is if there is evidence of fire damage.

industrial dining table in reclaimed wood with matching wooden dining bench

3. Is reclaimed wood sustainable?

Recycling is beneficial for the environment which means that when we use reclaimed wood new life is being given to an existing source of wood rather than requiring the harvesting and replanting, of new trees. The alternative for reclaimed wood is landfill or burning it, neither of which are good for the environment. It is a much more sustainable source of wood, particularly when it comes to more expensive older woods and those that take longer to come to maturity.

4. Can you repair a reclaimed wood dining table?

When it comes to repairing a reclaimed dining table, there is little difference between these types of repairs and those that you would make to a table made of new wood. Some damage can be repaired, and some cannot, it will depend entirely on the problem. However, the nature of reclaimed wood does lend itself very well to repair work, as this can often be made to look like a part of the original product itself and will therefore be less obvious. A rustic dining table crafted from reclaimed wood, for example, will already feature nail holes, knots and splits, so a minor dent or scratch will simply and easily blend in with the existing unique imperfections.

cleaning top of a rustic dining table with a yellow cloth

5. Is a reclaimed wood dining table more expensive?

At first impression, a reclaimed wood table may be more expensive than a table made of newer wood. However, there are a couple of factors that you may want to take into consideration. This type of product is usually hand-finished, which can make it more expensive than a more mass-produced new wood table. Further to this, aged wood, the type used for reclaimed furniture, is incredibly strong. The older it is the stronger it will be. Therefore, if you look after it carefully it will last you a lifetime which will actually make it a great investment in the long term.

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