6 tips for the best flexible home office set up

modern office desk in open plan living room with wooden office chairs

A home office has been essential for many of us over the past year or so and with many employees being given the option of working from home more, you may decide now is the time to take the plunge and create your perfect home office. If you are pushed for space or don’t want your new home office furniture to look too “officey” we have put together a few tips on hiding or incorporating it into another room, creating a versatile and flexible home office space.

home office space with wooden desk in open plan living room

1. Hide your desk

You could consider hiding your desk and chair in a cupboard keeping all office accessories such as cables, printers, keyboards tucked away out of sight at the end of the day. For this, pick a slim desk – or even a console table, just make sure to check the height If you have a dressing room or walk-in wardrobe this could be a great option for you. To help it not feel like you are working in a cupboard, you can hang houseplants on the wall, add some good lighting and put a mirror on the wall.

reclaimed wood desk with dark brown faux leather desk chair

Photo featuring Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Desk

2. All dressed up

You don’t need a desk to look like an office desk for it to fulfil its purpose! Choose a desk that can double up as a dressing table or a dressing table that can double up as a desk! You may like something more ornate that suits your bedroom. Maybe an industrial style desk blends into your living room or kitchen better than a minimalist white one. Have a good look around at what is available and suits your style.

white paper boxes under white office desk with large green house palm

3. Think under for storage

If your office space is in your bedroom, use the under bed space for storage, perfect to hide all your office work at the end of the day. Some under bed drawers would be perfect for this or wicker baskets that can just be tucked back under the bed when finished with. A blanket box at the foot of the bed could also provide hidden office storage in the bedroom. There may even be some space under your desk – again there are so many different and versatile storage products around!

4. Pick the perfect chair

Choose a chair that will look good in any room – it doesn’t have to be a standard run of the mill office desk chair. Of course, if you will be sitting at your desk for many hours a day then help your back and shoulders and pick something that is comfortable for you and adjustable so you can sit at your desk correctly.

5. Soften the space

Make your office homely so it works out of hours too – opt for a reclaimed wood desk – it will bring a whole load of charm into your space. Wallpaper the room, add a rug, use a soft velvet armchair as your desk chair. Decorate the room in alternative softer colours rather than grey or brown.

woman sat at desk with large green palm mural on wall behind

6. Add some creativity

Bring in a super comfortable armchair for some clever or creative thinking, or hang an inspiring piece of art on the wall. A corkboard is a good place to pin up your favourite inspirational quotes and to pin ideas as they come to you.