Clever ideas to make your small garden look amazing

Small Round Table and 2 Chairs Bistro Set in Blue

Small Round Table and Two Chairs Bistro Set in Blue

The small garden is to be celebrated. With minimal maintenance, it can be a haven of colour and scent, perfect for enjoying in the warmer months of late spring and summer. But there is also something pleasing about the deep colours of autumn and even the winter garden can enjoy a beauty all of its own.

But, like a small room in the house, it can be difficult to style and organise a small garden. Too much detail becomes clutter, shutting down the space to the eye. There are solutions, however…

Flexible seating

Top of the list for any garden activity is to sit and enjoy the sunshine, admire your flowers and feel your stress slip away as the scent and sounds of the garden wash over you. You can only do this if you have comfortable outdoor seating.

Flexible seating means that it offers a lounging experience, as well as one where you can dine al fresco too. Softwood furniture tends to have a short life, with hardwood offering being a costlier, but long-lasting alternative.

Chilgrove PE Rattan Garden Sofa and Coffee Table

However, a rattan table and chairs ticks all the boxes. Cover with a waterproof protective coat during winter or when the rain lashes down, and you have stylish AND flexible seating options for the small garden.

Clean, simple lines with details

Just like a smaller room in the home, the detailing plays an important part. Don’t opt for ‘miniature’ stuff as these compound the smallness of the space.

Classic Anthracite Lanterns

Instead, consider adding;

  • Plenty of lighting in the garden but keep it soft and subtle. Choose the same kind of styles of lighting too to promote the sense of cohesion that brings it all together.
  • Zoning areas in any size garden give enhances appeal and function – for example, create a dining area close to the house and then a less formal area to the rear of the garden.


You need plenty of greenery in a small garden, although the temptation can be the concrete it and make it into a yard. There are pros and cons but if you don’t fancy buying an expensive lawnmower to mow a small patch of grass, consider artificial grass instead.

A quick sweep (or even a vacuum) keeps it in tip-top condition. Dot your rattan chairs with colourful outdoor cushions and you have a super space to relax and unwind.


A small garden can be functional and a great place to sit and relax. As well as greenery, you need plenty of colour. If you have the border space, choose colourful blooms and don’t forget you can mix vegetables in with your flowers too.

Add more colour with cushions and throws – hot colours like red, golden yellow and orange are perfect, or if you want, choose cooler colours such as pretty blues and lavender.

St Mawes Garden Table in Reclaimed Teak

Candles clustered together on an outdoor table and chairs are also perfect for adding dimension and height and what is more romantic than flickering candlelight of an evening, as you enjoy the setting sun?