Creative ways to keep your desk tidy

Reclaimed Wood Storage

Reclaimed Wood Desk and Wooden Storage

Clear desk, clear mind. Whether you work in an office or at home, an untidy working area is never helpful when it comes to productivity. If you struggle to keep on top of mess and let coffee cups and paperwork pile up, try and come up with creative solutions to get organised.

The first step is of course finding the perfect wooden desk to work at and working out how to best utilise this. For example, if you have a simple reclaimed wood desk with no drawer space, try and split the desk with a computer stand. This gives you a handy bit of extra space for storing small items that create the look of clutter as well as more space for spreading out or writing.

If you struggle for floor space, a small office desk is a must, however that leaves little room to get organised. If this is the case, try and get the bulky desk essentials off your desk and put them elsewhere in the room.

Colonial Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

A wooden blanket box is a great idea for stacking up box files, lever arch files and even textbooks keeping your room clutter free, and looking stylish all at once. Of course, a desk with drawer or cupboard space will serve a similar purpose – it really comes down to how much you need to store in your home office.

Colonial Reclaimed Wood Metal Open Display Unit

If you are blessed with slightly more space, reclaimed wood shelves or storage units are a great investment. Use the shelves to put labels on files and separate out books and files for a cleaner finish. You could even colour order if you want to add an organised pop of colour that may inspire a bright new idea.

Alternatively, for a slightly less corporate look, you could turn one corner of your room into a more relaxed space with a comfortable armchair and a reclaimed wood coffee table. Again, this allows you to remove some of the clutter off your desk and spread it across another surface. A coffee table with drawers will add further space for tucking away unsightly items for that tidy and efficient office you’ve been dreaming of.

Bramble Flower Dip Bowls

Beyond items of furniture, invest in smaller items like serveware to eliminate clutter and ensure everything has its rightful spot. For example, use dip bowls for storing office essentials like paper clips and extra staples. You could even use baguette bowls for storing pens and rulers.

When it comes to holders such as these, try and keep the number of items on the desk to a minimum. If you have a lot of stationary, prioritise and put the items you use less frequently in places where they are easily accessible but don’t take over the entire desk.

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