Decoration ideas for a more sustainable Christmas

Collection of Christmas ornaments against rustic wood background

Assortment of homemade and rustic Christmas decorations against a brick wallOne of the reasons people love to buy reclaimed wood furniture is how wonderful and natural it looks but the other reason is, of course, the positive environmental impact it has on our planet – ie. reusing wood that would otherwise be destined for landfill. So if you do not have a liking for mass-produced plastic Christmas decorations and want a more sustainable Christmas, as well as having something fun and creative to do as a family – this blog will be of interest to you…

Here we have put just a few ideas together so you can decorate your home with something a little more personal and individual. Some suggestions could also work as a small personal gift for a friend or family member.

Twigs in a vase with hanging Christmas decorations on a blue background

You may have some old decorations and want to reuse them in a new and more modern way instead of just throwing them away.

A homemade wreath on the front door is a perfect seasonal welcome to your home – just a simple wreath made from fir branches, pine cones, dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks. A bit of red ribbon or some holly berries finish it off – hang it on your door and you give your door a bit of Christmas cheer for passersby and for any visitors.

Christmas wreath made with pine leaves, cones & berries hanging on bright pink door

It is lovely to create a welcoming hallway when you come in from the cold – it’s generally a small space so Christmas decorations should be sized so people can easily walk past them on their way in and out of the house. You can make a small twig tree to fit on a narrow console table, add fairy lights and just a few decorations. If you have a hallway storage bench you can add a wall-mounted decoration like a twig tree above it and hang fairy lights around that to give a bit of Christmas cheer as you walk in and take your boots off.

Close up of Christmas tree made from tree branches, wooden stars and string

You can also make a twig tree for the dining room – this is perfect for next to a rustic dining table. If you have a nice large sideboard you can place a wreath on it with one or more candles to create a more festive atmosphere. There is so much in nature that you can use, the kids would love foraging for pinecones, twigs, leaves and the many other things they would find to incorporate into your masterpiece.

Rustic and natural Christmas decorations with wreath and homemade tree made from twigs and leaves against brick wall

We love this simple and effective Christmas display – this is so simple to achieve and would look brilliant on a wood bookcase in the living room or as a centrepiece, arranged on a silver tray or plate, on a rustic coffee table, you could add some more candle holders to turn it into a real feature.

Glass jar filled with pinecones, dried orange slice and fairy lights