Easily organise an affordable at home outdoor wedding

Reclaimed wood dining table for wedding

Reclaimed wood dining table for outdoor wedding in garden

Wedding celebrations seem to be getting ever more elaborate these days, but anyone can create a joyous yet affordable ceremony and reception without paying a small fortune in the process. If you, or a generous parent, or an even more generous friend, have a large enough home and garden, you can personalise the event and save venue money as well.

Creating the ultimate home wedding without breaking the bank

The key to successful home-based weddings is the personal touch. You’re celebrating the day in a totally unique way, so why not put your own stamp on the whole event? The more you add your own style, the more memorable it will be for every guest, so feel free to get creative right from the start. Using contemporary garden furniture, for example, will add elegance and style, and party games can help to start the fun off.

Garden wedding decorations

Preparing for the big day takes time and hard work, of course, so you will need to be organised. It will help if you have friends and relatives who can assist with jobs such as cleaning the house and garden in advance and decorating rattan garden chairs and every rustic dining table so they look utterly perfect. Incorporating stylish candles, personalised party favours and a wide range of fresh flowers is a must.

If there is someone who can take care of the food on the big day so much the better, but if not it’s a good idea to brainstorm options with a select group of individuals. You may wish to give the whole wedding an overall theme, and the food can reflect this. If you have an expansive reclaimed wood dining table, you can adorn it with a tempting selection of finger foods based on your personal concept. Popular food choices include hog roasts and huge pans of curry, all washed down with beer straight from the barrel and a wide selection of wines.

Modish living wedding sign

Make sure everyone’s dancing the night away

Great music can enhance any occasion, and at a wedding the choice is crucial. You’ll want the guests to relax while eating, but of course, you’ll want them dancing when party time comes around. Whether you hire a local band of professional musicians or you choose a playlist from a streaming platform, you need to be specific about which songs work and which ones don’t. When you clear the rattan furniture to make room for a dance-floor, make sure it gets filled.

If the garden usually consists of little more than a garden table and chairs, you’ll need to find additional seating to make the occasion comfortable for everyone. An outdoor sofa or two is an excellent idea, and a dining table and bench laden with goodies will prove immensely popular. If you are able to provide a selection of Scandinavian chairs and reclaimed wood chairs then so much the better. Mixing styles is not a problem with a home-based wedding, because it just adds to the personalised feel.

Dining chairs for outdoor wedding

The garden itself can become something of a focal point for the whole occasion. As the evening starts to draw in, the sense of festivity can be enhanced with row after row of twinkling outdoor lights in trees and bushes and draped along fences. Candles in jars and strategically placed tea-lights will also add to the atmosphere. A rattan sofa provides a convenient area for relaxation, and if you have a wood dining table inside the home, don’t be afraid to bring it outside. Finally, you’ll be able to continue the festivities later than usual because you don’t have to empty a hired hall by a set time. Always let the neighbours know in advance, of course, but remember the best advice is to invite them along anyway!