Fresh home interior trends in 2022 for you

modern living room for fresh home interior trends in 2022 for you

living room with grey fabric sofa and metal leather armchairs

Our home interior continues to be more important to us than ever as we move into 2022. With our homes now a multifunctional space providing a place to live, work, relax and retreat, home improvements and fresh new decor is a high on our to-do list. We look at what we think will be the big interior trends in your homes for 2022.

1. Natural & sustainable materials

Caring for the environment is never far from our minds these days and many of us will be making New Year’s resolutions to go that extra bit further. Natural wood always gives a room warmth but reclaimed wood furniture brings with it character, as well as warmth. Of course, this is also a more eco-friendly way to purchase furniture – reusing wood and saving it from being burnt or going to landfill.

Mango wood furniture is another material that we will be using more of in our homes. The natural golden variation in the wood make it an instantly attractive choice aesthetically and coupled with its naturally sustainable credentials, it is sure to grow in popularity. In addition to wood, natural stone like travertine is a great way to bring rustic and eco-friendly materials into your home. Travertine is a form of marble with which you can cover floors and sustainably decorate walls. Once they are sealed they won’t absorb chemicals or dust and you are left with a sophisticated looking and bacteria-free environment.

mango wood sideboard with brass hexagonal inlays

2. Interiors that have longevity and timelessness

In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, we are looking at longer-lasting pieces to furnish our homes. In 2022 we will continue to move away from fast-moving, trend-only furniture solutions and instead choose quality pieces that will stand the test of time. A solid rustic dining table crafted in aged reclaimed wood not only makes a timeless statement, but is the type of furniture that improves the more it is used, becoming almost heirlooms, handed down generations.

3. Black accents

industrial dining table with black fabric dining chairs

Add depth and a bold statement to your room by using black accents and hardware. An industrial dining table in the dining room with black metal legs and a faux leather dining chair with dark steel legs will look fresh and modern, especially in a neutral or white room. Other black accents you can incorporate is adding table lamps or swapping handles on existing furniture such as wooden sideboards and a rustic coffee table with black metal ones.

4. Versatile spaces

round dining table with orange velvet dining chairs and wooden writing desk in background

In 2022 we will continue to seek a home that is versatile. We will be looking to get the most out of the space we call home and buy furniture that is multifunctional; a dining table that can also be used as a work desk or a wooden dressing table in a child’s bedroom with plenty of storage that can be used as a desk for school work.

5. Biophilia is going nowhere

reclaimed wood dining table with hanging green plant screen

Our rediscovered love of nature is definitely here to stay – bring the outdoors in wherever possible. If you are building an extension then include big windows and fully glazed doors, even a skylight – all allow an extra connection to nature. Dulux’s colour for the year 2022 is called Bright Skies™ which is definitely an excellent choice when you want a bright and airy feel for your home, plus reclaimed wood furniture looks absolutely gorgeous against this peaceful pale blue. Houseplants are still very much in so be sure to make them a big part of your habitat, if you’re not too confident looking after houseplants there are plenty of varieties that are easy to care for or choose one of the many imitation plants that can look as good as real.