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Garden tips for people who hate gardening

Garden tips for people who hate gardening

Hate gardening but would like a welcoming outdoor space? You’re not alone. Here’s the good news; with very little effort and even less gardening know-how you can have a beautiful garden perfect for relaxing on your outdoor table and chairs and partying all summer long (and beyond). Here’s how.

Ditch the grass

If there is one aspect of a garden that causes anxiety for the non-gardener, it is the vast expanse of lawn that requires regular mowing. Ditch it in favour of a practical patio or decking, making sure you get details such as lighting and varying floor levels for interest.

Make more of seating

Selborne Double Rattan Lounger Set

Regardless of how big or small your garden is – or whether you are a gardener or not – you will want to spend time relaxing, napping, reading and socialising in your garden. And that means outside furniture such as a small garden table and chairs. However, don’t just opt for one type of seating. Different seats offer different possibilities such as rattan garden loungers for a summer’s afternoon nap in the garden or a comfy bamboo garden bench for enjoying the sunset and a cocktail or two.

Hampstead Bamboo Outdoor Bench

One focus

Gardens can be a cacophony of colour or they can be of a minimal design, with minimal updating and care needed. If the latter does it for you, opting for a singular colour and plant is a perfect choice. In other words, once the hard landscaping is complete, you arrange your outdoor furniture around pockets of planting, maintain the same plant and colour throughout. It gives a fantastic designer appeal to your outdoor space and can be changed each year if you desire.

One raised bed

Raised beds are a gift. They offer a defined pocket of flower and plant growing space that is super easy to plant up and maintain. You don’t need a lot of gardening know-how when it comes to plant choice – your local plant nursery will help – but opting for ‘safe’ choices such as the ever fragrant and quintessentially English lavender is perfect for around seating areas and the al fresco dining area too.

Whitcombe Teak Garden Trestle Table

Or opt for shrubs

Evergreen shrubs are a delight. They thrive in almost any soil, only requiring a quick prune in spring to contain straggling growth. The rest of the time you have a garden bathed in green and perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

Paving & pots

If all else fails, a courtyard style garden with ‘patio and pots’ is not only hard to get wrong but perfect for everyone, gardener or not. Use pot plants full to the brim with colourful bedding plants (you renew these each year and takes no more than compost, plants and watering through the summer) to create areas for different garden activities. A garden dining set for dining works best by the house but the outdoor sofa works best in the sunniest spot of the garden. Make sure to add some outdoor storage to keep the cushions handy when guests come over.

Fake it

You’d be joining the hundreds of non-gardeners and gardeners alike in enjoying a carpet of lush green grass that requires no upkeep and no mowing because it is artificial grass. Perfect for adding pops of green to everything from the garden to the roof terrace, faking it is certainly an option…

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