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How can I prepare my garden for summer?

How can I prepare my garden for summer?

The days are longer and warmer which means one thing – spending as much time in the garden as you can? Creating an outdoor space that everyone can enjoy, and that has enough outdoor storage is not as hard as you think, especially with these great tips…

1 Spring clean

Just like indoors, when you feel the warmth of the late spring sun, get to work spring cleaning your garden. From emptying pots to getting rid of rubbish and clutter, to digging over borders, start your preparing your garden for summer by making sure it’s tidy.

Boasham Garden Sofa Set

If you have a garden sofa set, now is the time to whip off the cover and give it a brush or vacuum to get rid of any cobwebs and sheltering insects. Use warm water and a gentle detergent to give it a new lease of life and following the instructions on the covers, give them a gentle wash too.

2 Give each corner of your garden a job to do

For too long, we have seen the garden as only useful when it is a wide open space of lawn and flowers. But turning your garden into a living space with ‘rooms’ or zones will mean you get more use out of it.

For example, establish a dining zone for al fresco meals. As well as being close to the house of BBQ and pizza oven, you also need a firm base. Consider adding a patio, making sure you build one as big as you garden can accommodate so you can enjoy the patio table with plenty of room to spare.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Bench

A ‘quiet’ zone is also great for kicking back and relaxing, and this is where rattan outdoor furniture really comes into its own. Able to withstand all kinds of weather, with sumptuous cushions, it’s perfect for sinking into to enjoy the sunset after a long day.

Walderton Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Set with Coffee Table

3 Small garden? Focus on HOW you'll use it

If you’re not gifted with acres of garden space, you won’t want to stuff it full of furniture and pergolas simply because it will stop you truly enjoying the garden. If you have a smaller outdoor space, choose the outdoor furniture that serves your main priority for using your garden. For example, a simple garden bench is perfect if you enjoy lounging in the garden. If you want to eat outdoors, investing in a folding patio dining set is a perfect choice – simply fold it and store it when not in use. Hampstead Garden Bamboo Bench

4 Summer garden party ready

It doesn’t take much to give your garden a quick and easy overhaul ready for the summer garden party and BBQ season. Aside from fragrant blooms, you need to make sure you have garden furniture that is versatile, practical and stylish.

For informal get-togethers, an outdoor garden bar is surely the winning choice? With a pleasing style to it, it wouldn’t look out of place alongside an impressive rustic style 6-seater dining table. Get even more guests around the table with a dining bench, a brilliant addition to your home and garden.

Whitcombe Outdoor Dining Table

And finally, let the romantic in you come out with plenty of scented flowers and climbing plants for shades of the pergola and soft lighting that invites people to spend as much time as possible in the garden.

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