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How do you take care of bamboo outdoor furniture?

How do you take care of bamboo outdoor furniture?

Bamboo is a natural product, and yet, it is also incredibly tough and able to withstand what the British weather throws at it. Taking care of your outdoor table and chairs, along with your bamboo outdoor sofa is easy, simple and takes very little time.

Weather – the main enemy

We never seem to be happy with our weather – we are unhappy when it rains for days on end, and yet when the sun shines too hot, we are uncomfortable with that too! Bamboo is similar in its dislikes of some weather.

Whitcombe Teak Garden Trestle Table

Prolonged periods of rain and harsh sun impacts on the colour and finish of outdoor furniture, bamboo included;

  • Invest in a well-fitting, waterproof protective cover for your outdoor table and chairs, as well as the bamboo garden sofa set.

  • If you don’t have covers, over winter ensure that outdoor furniture is stored in a dry place, such as a shed, garage or move it into your conservatory.

Pay extra attention during very cold periods

No matter what the material, most garden furniture struggles to shrug off the cold. Ice and frost are also detrimental t the strength of bamboo as it is to hardwood garden furniture.

Hampstead Bamboo Garden Chairs

Make sure you cover the outdoor dining table, bamboo outdoor chairs, sofa or bench with a protective cover should the temperature drop anywhere below freezing. Do this before any damp or water gets into the small grooves on the bamboo as ice expands on thawing and can lead to the breakdown of some parts of the furniture.

Keeping it clean

Bamboo garden furniture appreciates being cleaned every now and then. Dirt and dust are abrasive, and that means as the garden furniture is used, the dirt is rubbing against the material, possibly leading to weaker areas and fraying.

Hampstead Bamboo Outdoor Bench

Keeping it clean is very simple…

  • Using a soft brush, sweep away any dirt, debris and fallen leaves form all the surfaces of the bamboo outdoor bench, chair or garden dining set. Pay particular attention to the corners and underneath the bench or chair too.

  • Now use your vacuum to suck away the smaller pieces of dirt from in between the weave in the pattern.

  • On a warm, breezy day, using a soft sponge and a bucket of warm soapy water (a small amount of fabric conditioner or washing powder swirled into a bucket of water works well) wash down the sofa, bench or patio chairs.

  • Allow the washed furniture to dry in the shade rather than in full sun which can dry out the bamboo too quickly.

  • Don’t be tempted to use a jet wash as this can damage the material.

  • Cleaning your outdoor bamboo furniture regularly keeps it in peak condition.

Outdoor cushions

From the large garden sofa to the pretty bamboo garden bench, many of the items are made even more comfortable with the addition of cushions. Seat pads and scatter cushions come with waterproof fabric, but this is more showerproof that able to withstand a heavy downpour.

While they can withstand light rain, with the promise of a summer downpour or when the summer gives way to the chill of autumn, store the cushions. Using the vacuum seal bags works well to keep them clean and mould-free but always make sure they are clean and dry before you seal them in a bag.

Bamboo outdoor furniture is an excellent choice for any garden, especially as it is so easy to keep clean.

2 comments on How do you take care of bamboo outdoor furniture?

  • Martina
    MartinaJune 15, 2022

    Hello, just wanted to say, I loved this blog post.
    It was helpful. Keep on posting! save refuges

  • Martina
    MartinaJune 15, 2022

    Hello, just wanted to say, I loved this blog post.
    It was helpful. Keep on posting! save refuges

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