How to create the perfect industrial home office

Home office with industrial desk

Take inspiration from large communal workspaces and create the coolest industrial home office with these three simple steps.

We need the office space to be clear and clutter-free so we can work with a clear and clutter-free mind! This is one reason the functional and minimalist industrial style is just perfect for productivity.

Industrial work space with industrial metal desks and high back office chairs

1 – Go rustic

Invest in a good reclaimed wood desk. Work out how much spare space you have available and desktop space you need so you can work comfortably. Ideally, for the best desk and chair fit, you should allow a 1-metre area so you can get to your desk and move the home office chair in and out comfortably.

Industrial reclaimed wood desk with grey faux leather swivel office chair

With so many home offices being created up and down the country in the last year, the Standford desk has proven to be a very popular choice. Not too big and not too small, it’s perfect for a laptop and desktop organisers. An industrial desk lamp fits right in for when a little extra lighting is required. You can always consider an industrial bookcase if you need additional room for a printer or reference books. Keeping right on theme, this shelving should be metal framed.

2 – Must-have metal

Metal is a vital element when it comes to achieving the industrial look – don’t be scared to add too much of it! You can always soften the look by adding house plants and warm reclaimed wood to balance the space. 

Aviator style wing desk with matching bookcase and large egg shaped desk chair

3 – Leather

Get some leather into the office space – the Mustang is definitely the best office chair for this job! If combines a stylish metal frame with soft upholstering covered in natural high-quality leather. The perfect partner for an industrial desk, it is available in brown or grey. You can accessorise in leather too by adding leather picture frames, a leather desk blotter and desk tidy. Talking of accessorising you can add pops of colour too, some bold coloured storage folders or boxes, plant pots or some modern wall art to add some of your personality to your workspace.

Concrete desk in front of a wall of metal pipe shelving filling entire wall with wires and hanging green plants