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Modish Living Furniture
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How to create the ultimate living room with Tweed & Italian Leather

How to create the ultimate living room with Tweed & Italian Leather

Kensington Brown Leather and Harris Tweed Armchair

The living room is a communal space, the place where the family gathers at the end of the day, to share stories and laughter. It is also the place where we welcome guests and is a room that we are proud of.

It needs to be uber-stylish but without lacking function. It needs to be elegant and timeless, with a welcoming ambience.

Materials, as well as choices of furniture, flooring and other stylish components of the living room, combine to create the living room space you want and need. Combining two luxurious fabric – Harris tweed and Italian leather – is a sublime combination with luxurious results that create the ultimate living room space.

Italian leather behind the scenes - traditional techniques

How to create the perfect living room space

Before you dash out to buy an Italian leather sofa, you need to consider the style of the room in its entirety.

What style is it you want to achieve by using Harris tweed and Italian leather? There are many styles from the traditional appeal, to the vintage look, to being the perfect components to a heritage style or perfect as the backdrop from a country style appeal.

By choosing an overall style, every choice you make from complete living room sets to leather furniture to vintage TV stand will fit with and contribute to the entire look.

Living Room Furniture – Sofas and Chairs

In a practical sense, the sofa and armchairs in the living room are the first and the most important addition.

For the vintage, heritage or country style appeal, choosing a black or brown leather sofa is the ideal choice. With a delightful worn and aged look, a brown leather armchair is an addition that will last the test of time, looking equally as chic in a modern, industrial style as it does a traditionally styled living room.

Combining materials on a sofa and armchair gives you the best of both worlds. You get the warmth of fabric, coupled with the uniqueness of leather.

Both Harris tweed and leather are natural products – one made from the wool of sheep from the Outer Hebrides, the other a natural by-product of industry – and are a delight to touch. And they will last a long time too.

Use the leather and fabric sofa as the undisputed focal point of the living room, and the high-backed winged Harris tweed with leather patches armchair as a supporting actor on the stage of the living room.

Complete the look with a coffee table with storage, perfect for hiding away things quickly, when unexpected guests call.

Customised materials and colours

Even better, Harris tweed and some Italian leather items can be customised, ideal for really making a style statement that is truly your own.

Choose variations of colour – both a blue armchair or the depth of colour of a green armchair would have their places in a stylish living room – and choose the dimensions to suit too.

For example, a perfectly sized 2-seater leather sofa would work better in a space that a living room being dwarfed by an enormous sofa, its dimensions simply too big for the living room space.

Don’t be frightened to combine materials, choose colours and customise items because that way, you make a design statement that is unique to you.

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