How to feng shui your desk for success

Woman's hands typing at a lap top with tidy accessories on wood desk

Never has it been more important to focus on our wellness. We spend so much time sitting at our home office desk so let’s look at a few ways to get some wonderful positive energy flowing using the principles of feng shui.

Word feng shui is large wood letters on wooden surface

1. Get rid of clutter

Clutter drains your energy! Set aside some time, a few minutes at the end of the day or a half-hour at the end of the week when you can go through and dispose of, or file, things that have accumulated on your desk and in your office. A home office filing cabinet should be a must-have to store work related documents, as well as personal documents, all kept in their place and easy to find when needed. De-cluttering should include what is on your desktop computer, back-up what you need and delete those old unused files to “create space” for new opportunities.

White laptop on white desk with green plant in pot

2. Desk position

If you can you should position your desk so you don’t have your back to your office entrance – you need to face the world and see what’s coming if this is not possible then you can adapt and hang a wall mirror over your desk which will have the same effect.

White desk , chair and mirror in empty room

3. Which chair

The best office chair according to feng shui is one with a high back as this represents good support in the office, but this should also be put in the correct position. Whilst you want your desk to be facing your office entrance, try to ensure your chair is not in front of the doorway as this may allow positive energy to be drawn away from the space.

White desk chair with white desk facing a large doorway

4. Bring in energy colours

Add some cushions to your workspace or add a rug in a colour that will inspire you. Use blue for career success and growth, green (plants for instance) improves health and balance. Yellow symbolises happiness and joy, and stick with white to encourage creative energy.

Green plant hanging on shelf above desk with laptop

5. Add a touch of nature

Even a little bit of natural light is a great energy booster so try to get your desk near a window but if you do need artificial light make sure it is well-positioned and not casting a shadow on your workspace. Place one or more pot plants or flowers on your desk, the living energy of plants will refresh the energy in your space as well as your own personal energy. Wood is one of the five elements of feng shui so a natural rustic wooden desk fits in here perfectly.

Mac sat on industrial reclaimed wood desk with white flowers

6. Important areas

In feng shui there are three areas you need to think about to ensure good energy. The south is your fame and reputation area. As its energy is fire try not to add the colour blue here or anything to do with water as it will extinguish the fire energy. Water should be represented in the North which is the “career or path in life” area, this is the space for inspiring images, you can put these in black or white frames. The south-east area boosts productivity and positive energy, if possible this is the place to locate your office within your house. This space must always be kept clear and clutter free.

Laptop on wooden desk with books and plants