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How to furnish a small garden to make the most of it

How to furnish a small garden to make the most of it

From your high-rise balcony to a small yard to the rear or side of your property, any outdoor space you have can be beautiful. But you may think, without the gift of acres of outdoor space, how can you make the most of the smaller garden?

One main item

Whether you have a small balcony or tiny patch of lawn, opting for one main item is excellent for creating a focal point around which the rest of the space revolves. Consider how you use your garden – or how you would like to use it – and build from there.

For example, if you want to grow flowers or veg, a mini cold frame of window boxes are a great place to start. But if you also want to sit and enjoy the space and fresh air, then a rattan sofa set makes sense.

Make more of the ordinary

A garden bench is a brilliant piece of practical furniture – and certainly a worthwhile consideration for the smaller garden – but why settle for the ordinary when you could have something a little different?

Heyshott Rattan Sofa Set with Armchair and Coffee Table

A beautiful rattan sofa is an ideal alternative to the garden bench. A simple yet functional item of outdoor garden furniture, rattan along with the metal frame of the sofa, is also just as robust and beautiful as a hardwood such as teak. It also boasts serious sustainability and eco-friendly credentials too.

Foldaway table and chairs

If you have the space for your outdoor dining set to remain permanently in position, all the better but when you have less space to play with, you may want to consider outdoor chairs that can be folded away when not in use.

Small Round Table and 2 Chairs Bistro Set in Clay

This is certainly the case when it comes to al fresco dining. A garden bistro set is ideal – like this two-seater and round folding metal outdoor table – for the smaller garden. Not only does it foldaway but the streamline design doesn’t clutter the space either. As well as two colour options – blue and clay – there is also the four-seater garden bistro set worthy of consideration, perfect for entertaining.

Make use of corners or shady areas

With beautiful lights and plenty of seating options – sometimes wooden stools or even a dining bench make for brilliant ad hoc seating for the small garden when entertaining – but a small garden doesn’t mean you can’t have an outdoor bar. Streamline yet beautifully robust and stylish, an outdoor bar is perfect for shady corners or a space that you don’t use as much as the sunnier spots in your garden. Or, you could find an outdoor corner sofa that fits perfectly.

St Mawes Bar Table with Drinks Cooler in Reclaimed Teak

Adding plants in pots with ladder shelving

Plants in pots are great for smaller gardens or on the patio or balcony, but too much ‘clutter' at floor level can close in the space even more. That doesn't mean waving goodbye to greenery, pleasantly scented blooms or your herb garden – cluster plants in pots on a smaller outdoor ladder shelf instead. Great for doubling up as a small garden table for cocktails.

Small Wooden Aldsworth Pot Ladder with Plants in Garden

You can have it all…

Think you can’t have a rattan sofa set? If you enjoy lounging in the sun (safely, of course, with plenty of protective sun cream), you can, even if the dimensions of your garden are a little on the bijou side. As rattan outdoor furniture goes, is there anything better than rattan loungers with coffee table?



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