How to make your outdoor furniture last longer and look great

How to make your outdoor furniture last longer

After two years of us all spending more time (and money) in our gardens, outdoor furniture such as teak furniture is as popular as ever – and with very good reason. It is very hard wearing, perfect to tolerate our ever-changing British weather and with these garden furniture care tips, you can keep your outdoor sofa set, your teak garden furniture and your patio bistro set looking great for years to come. rattan garden sofa set

Protect your outdoor furniture from the elements

The weather is your main enemy when it comes to outdoors. Protect your furniture from the elements and cover your outdoor dining table and chairs when not in use – we recommend investing in a well-fitting cover or a thick and secure waterproof sheeting. Over winter when you are not very likely to be using your furniture for long periods of time, check the cover for any holes and tears, or if you have space in a shed, garage or even a conservatory, store it indoors for the cold and wet months – much as we don’t like extreme weather your garden furniture is the same!

No matter what your garden furniture is made from, be that bamboo, rattan or hardwood, it will not like extreme cold. Cold and ice will affect the strength of it over time. If water gets into the furniture, it will expand as it freezes and start to break down the materials, so it is best to get it into a dry area and out of harm’s way before the temperatures get below zero.

teak garden table with wooden garden chairs

Keep it clean

Just as you would your reclaimed wood furniture indoors, it is important to remove dust and dirt from your PE rattan furniture and teak outdoor furniture regularly, this will stop dirt from becoming ingrained and built up over time. Dirt and dust are also abrasive and will weaken or fray areas as it is rubbed in during use.

Simple cleaning steps….

  • Sweep dirt, debris and leaves off your outdoor bench, outdoor sofa set or outside table and chairs using a soft brush. Don’t forget to pay attention to the corners and underneath the benches and chairs.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean inside hard-to-reach areas within the weave of the furniture.
  • After you have removed as must dust and dirt as possible, you can give your garden furniture a wash down – a warm and breezy day is perfect for this. Wash everything down with warm soapy water using a light washing powder or fabric conditioner.
  • It is much better to allow your furniture to dry in a shadier area – if it is in direct sun, it could dry out too quickly.
  • However tempting, never use a jet wash to clean your outdoor furniture – the pressure could be too high and you could end up damaging it.
  • Regularly cleaning your patio table and chairs will keep them looking great and in tip-top condition.

rattan garden sun loungers with off white cushion

Don’t forget garden cushions

Garden cushions on an outdoor corner sofa set ensure you get comfort as well as good looks! Most of these are covered in water resistant fabric – these should be fine during a shower …..but they are waterproof not downpour proof! So to keep them looking as good as possible and help them to last as long as possible it really is best to keep them undercover or bring them indoors during changeable British weather – just make sure they a fully dry to avoid any mold or mildew build-up.

Storing tip: place a couple of tumble dry sheets between the cushions when you store them for winter. It will help keep them smelling fresh before you get them back out for spring.

You can also treat the cushions with an outdoor fabric protector to help protect them from not just rain, but spills and any other other marks.

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