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How to organise a pool party on a budget

How to organise a pool party on a budget

The sun will (hopefully) shine this summer, and when it does, entertaining friends and family in the garden is something many of us do. A pool party is perfect – your guests can keep cool and have fun at the same time. Pool parties are not just for kids, however. Adults love them too! Better still, you don't need to spend, spend, spend to have a good time with a pool party.

Save money on digital invitations

With the pool party date set, you need to make sure your guests put it in their diary to join you. Ditch paper invites – good news for your budget and the environment – and text invites instead or send out an e-invite using email. If you are super tech-savvy, start a private group on one of the many social media platforms inviting guests to your pool party.

Get the outdoor garden bar stocked (and ask for contributions).

Perhaps the most singular expensive aspect of hosting any party, summer pool parties included, is a well-stocked outdoor garden bar. From wine and cocktails to non-alcoholic fruit punches your budget will really start to feel the squeeze.

Ask people for contributions – most guests will be happy to bring a bottle of two for the outdoor garden bar, as they will to bring dishes for the patio table.

St Mawes Bar Table with Drinks Cooler in Reclaimed Teak

HINT – short on glasses? No problem! Opt for recycled paper cups that can be tipped into your kerbside recycling container.

Outdoor seating-savvy

Pool parties are great fun, but an influx of guests bring some logistical headaches. One issue can be seating. Plastic chairs are all well and good but they aren't always the most comfortable, and from an environmental point of view, they are not the best option either.

If you have a dining bench, then bring this out too, great for kids when they've finished in the pool and for storing stuff like towels and other bits and bobs.

As well as dining chairs with your outdoor dining table, there is a range of outdoor seating options such as the relaxing seat offered by sun loungers. Rattan is an eco-friendly and sustainable material that is easy on the budget too. A pair of rattan sun loungers with a matching low table is great for the garden, especially pool parties.

Selborne Double Rattan Lounger Set

An excellent investment when it comes to versatile outdoor seating is an outdoor sofa. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes, including an L-shaped outdoor sofa. With a pool party, wet seating can be problematic but not with the showerproof cushion covers of the garden sofa set or garden bench.

West Strand Grey Corner Sofa Set

Don’t forget to have plenty of patio chairs around the patio dining table too!

Zone your garden

Making your guests comfortable is the sign of a great host, and for a garden or pool party, the expectations are no different. Zone your garden so your guests can enjoy different spaces and interactions. From informal, lounging areas to eating areas with an outdoor table and chairs, create spaces that are inviting. You may want to consider dry and wet areas too!

With great company, food and drink to share, along with a great pool, your pool party this summer will go with a swing.

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