Sleep easy in a greener bedroom

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Opting to be vegan is on the up but it’s more than just a diet trend: it is a way of life. There are thought to be 360,000 ‘lifestyle vegans’ in the UK, people who choose to not only remove animal products from their diet, but from their wardrobes and homes too. But why is this an increasingly popular choice?

A way of life that potentially reduces negative impact on the planet

Many people say that turning to veganism is one way of saving the planet. Experts concur that if we all made small changes and stuck to them, there would be an instant and significant improvement to the planet’s health. Veganism, especially opting to be a lifestyle vegan, is one way of making changes that really impact on helping the environment.

Why buying British helps

Today, trade is truly global. Hop online and you can buy products from across the globe. Sometimes cheaper than British products, even with the cost of transport factored in, we have seen just how beneficial to our budgets buying from abroad could be.

But just as there are advantages, there are disadvantages too, one being carbon emissions. So, how about considering buying closer to home to reduce your carbon emission and enjoy an affordable price too? 

And when it comes to the bedroom, there are plenty of British reclaimed wood furniture items to choose from.

Brown wooden bed frame with navy duvet covers and a grey throw

For example, a British-made reclaimed wood bed will add style to any bedroom. With styles that fit any interior décor choice, from the warmth of rustic to the contemporary industrial style, reclaimed wood beds and bedroom furniture will also contribute to a greener bedroom in that less ‘waste’ is sent to landfill.

Why buying reclaimed wood furniture is a great choice too

What we now see as ‘waste’ is changing too. At one time, the large hefty beams in older buildings would be chopped for firewood or destroyed, but now we appreciate their beauty and their history, understanding that its marks tell its own unique story. 

That doesn’t mean reclaimed wood bedroom furniture is mismatched. Using environmentally-friendly techniques along with highly refined skills, craftspeople can turn reclaimed wood into beautiful furniture, including reclaimed wood bedside tables. 

Dark wood bedside table with two drawers and decorative items

Again, there are many choices such as two-drawer bedside table made from reclaimed beams, large, hefty pieces of hardwood that have years and years of life and function left in them.

Dark brown chest of drawers with metal handles and decor

Essentially, creating a greener bedroom is about promoting sustainability, reusing and upcycling materials and items that still have plenty to offer. Alongside the bedframe and bedside tables, you’ll also need a chest of drawers to store items. A large chest of drawers is perfect and because it has such a stylish finish, it is versatile too. Who knows, one day the chest of drawers could be the ideal storage unit in the hallway or even the dining room?

Look beyond the negative press

There can be a lot of negative press around ‘turning vegan’ but as we have hopefully shown, opting for a vegan lifestyle, choosing British designed and made items as well as opting for sustainably sourced and reclaimed materials, you can have the stylish bedroom of your dreams.

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