The best hangover drinks to try

Best Hangover Drinks

With the festive season upon us, many of us will be looking forward to the many parties and get-togethers. Whilst it is great fun to kick back and enjoy raucous times together, the morning-after-the-night-before hangover is not welcome, no matter how lovely your painted bedroom furniture is.

Ways of dealing with a hangover vary but as you enjoy your favourite party drink, what hangover cures are there? But more importantly, do they work?

The Joe Wicks Approach

Joe Wicks is a well-known reality star who gives out sage advice about getting the body you want and the fitness level to match. Food and drink is an important part of maintaining your six pack but with the New Year’s Eve party on the horizon, what drink has fewer calories but doesn’t stop the good times flowing?


Gin and slimline tonic is the drink of choice because it contains fewer calories than other sugar-laden alcoholic drinks. And for the morning after, Joe suggests starting the day with plenty of water and a high protein breakfast. So, reach for the eggs from your wooden shelves and get scrambling!

The ‘Bloody Mary’ Hangover Cure

There is no scientific proof, but it is a folklore since the 16th Century that the drink mix ‘Bloody Mary’ is one of the best hangover cures. Simply adding more alcohol to your bloodstream means that you are simply elongating the hangover effect.

Bloody Mary Drink

But it is New Year and frankly, what is more delicious than a Bloody Mary? Grab your tumblers from the sideboard cabinet and get mixing (after a large drink of water first thing in the morning).

Maybe it is the tomato juice, with dashes of Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce for heat, the ice for coolness and the shot of vodka, with a sprinkling of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice to taste that makes this a popular and delicious drink?

The Hair of the Dog Drink

The hair of the dog that bit you is a phrase used to describe a drink that clears out the dull throbbing headache of a handover, along with the parchment dry mouth. But it is a drink too and if the thought of a dark red Bloody Mary turns your already delicate stomach even more, then maybe this drink is the one for you.

Lemon Slice

You will need a good quality gin, a decent squeeze of lemon juice and a few dashes of Tabasco sauce. Add a slice of chilly pepper and let the heat combine to give you the perfect morning-after-the-night-before drink. But it is not a magic cure and certainly not a drink to partake in before you drive anywhere.

Shot of Wheatgrass

The way to really deal with a hangover is to be prepared the night before. As well as alternating soft drink with your alcoholic ones, why not be uber-organized and have the necessary ingredients ready to make a wheatgrass shot?

As you struggle to focus on your kitchen furniture, after you have quenched the hangover thirst with some tepid water, turn to the fridge for what some believe are ‘magic’ ingredients.

Wheatgrass juice or powder is available in all good health stores and you will need to mix equal parts with fresh kale juice. In terms of effect, the results can be amazing but only if you get past the taste…

The only real cure for a hangover? Either abstaining from alcohol completely – but where’s the fun in that?! – or spending the following day, resting on the sofa with a good film and plenty of water. Enjoy!

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