What is reclaimed furniture?

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Reclaimed wood furniture is cropping up everywhere here in the UK – so let’s have a look at reclaimed wood and furniture production in more detail…. and find out what is it and why it’s so popular.

Where does reclaimed wood come from? Reclaimed wood is wood that has been used for one purpose already – generally as part of a structure like a building (factory), a boat or ship, railway sleepers a or even a temple door or gate, the structure being dismantled is often over 100 years old! As it is being dismantled any reusable wood is salvaged and will be sold on to craftsmen who will work their magic and transform it into something beautiful! Reclaimed wood can come from anywhere in the world – from the far East to the UK.

How is it turned into furniture? Although it has to fulfil a completely new purpose the idea is to keep it looking as original, rustic and authentic as possible – Yes, we want to see dents, nail holes and slight imperfections in this wood – all add character, history and uniqueness. Skilled craftsmen will access the timbers, using only the highest quality. Any bolts, screws or nails are removed by hand and the timbers are then either machine sanded, sandblasted or skillfully worked on.

reclaimed wood sideboard with cupboards and drawers

This industrial sideboard is part of the Standford Industrial range which is crafted using only reclaimed wood and industrial metal legs and fittings – a perfect illustration of how old wood can be used to create a stunning piece of unique and modern furniture!

reclaimed wooden headboard with grey covers

Is it lower quality? As we mentioned before, when it comes to reclaimed wood, any dents, nail holes, blemishes, and imperfections give it its character. But in no way does this mean that the quality is lower – the wood is aged wood and extra strong. A reclaimed super king wooden bed frame is made from solid old wood – not new thin wood covered in a laminate or veneer. These are strong and lasting pieces of furniture that will become even more beautiful as they age.

view of green tree tops

Why choose reclaimed wood? Of course, the most obvious reason for choosing reclaimed wood furniture is the positive environmental impact – reusing saves waste from dismantled structures going to landfill, it also saves new immature trees being grown quickly only to be chopped down. A reclaimed wood table in your kitchen or dining room is an investment piece – it will last for years and is very family-friendly – everyday wear and tear simply blends into the table.

close up of reclaimed wood dining table

Reclaimed wood furniture is also very easy to care for day to day – all you need to do really is wipe up it down after use as you would with any other dining table – and then go over it every month or so with wax or oil (depending on the original finish) to feed the wood and help maintain its gorgeous luster.