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Barclay: A luxurious new collection to grace your home

Barclay reclaimed wood collection of living room furniture

Most of us aspire to a little bit of luxury in our homes. The newest collection available at Modish Living provides just that. These stunning pieces of wooden furniture certainly aren't lacking in sophisticated, glamorous style, yet the classic designs create for timeless pieces you'll cherish for many years to come. 

What is so special about the Barclay collection is the use of reclaimed wood. So often nowadays, luxurious furniture is ultra contemporary, and lacks a certain warmth. The reclaimed wood of these pieces creates character in any room, yet is blended with contemporary touches to allow you to seamlessly blend the collection into an otherwise modern space. 

The Barclay Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table is the perfect statement centrepiece for your living room. As well as looking truly magnificent at the centre of your seating arrangement, the reclaimed wood coffee table provides a practical storage solution with the three drawers, making it easier to keep your living room clutter free and creating a true sense of luxurious living. Who doesn't love a coffee table with storage?!

Finding a reclaimed wood desk that will add something to your space can be tricky, but the dreamy Barclay Reclaimed Wood Desk does just that. Stunning in design and oozing elegance, this is a classic example of how office furniture needn't be purely practical. If you have more space, make your desk the centre of attention and place it as a floating desk away from the wall, or behind your sofa. 

The dining table in the collection is also exquisite. The Barclay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table is beautifully and skilfully designed to last a lifetime. With hidden drawers under the table, you even have a space to keep your fancy cutlery you only use on special occasions or even placemats and napkins you may want to hand when entertaining. The perfect reclaimed wood dining table with a personality of its own. 

The Barclay Reclaimed Wood Side Table would perfectly compliment the exquisite Barclay furniture collection or would add a touch of luxury into any living room. If your current wooden side table just sits around as a spot for the occasional coffee cup but lacking the style and sophistication it could offer, it may be time for a new addition. 

See the Barclay collection here or get in touch with one of our team members for more info.

In the spotlight: the fabulous Maddox Collection

Style is important. Form, shape and function are important too and if there is one collection that binds all these factors together, it is the Maddox Collection. Refreshingly modern but without the kitsch, the Maddox range is the right choice if you enjoy fusing modern and industrial with the warmth of reclaimed wood.

Maddox Reclaimed wood collection for dining room

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There are many show-stopping pieces – so take a look at our guide below, then browse the range yourself to see what would add the wow factor in your space!

Create a Dining Room with a Modern-Edge and a Warm Twist

The dining table should be welcoming, yet stylish, comfortable and sleek. If there is one dining table set that embodies all this, it is the Maddox Reclaimed Elm dining table.

Maddox Reclaimed Elm Dining Table with madison dining chairs in dining room

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A beautiful wood, it is important we conserve elm as many of these trees have been ravaged by Dutch Elm Disease. Every dining table will have unique grain patterns, a unique story to tell of its past.

Elm was used in all kinds of applications from hockey sticks to furniture. No matter what its previous history, it has been cleaned and treated, brought back to life, making the perfect dining table for your home.

Luxe Madison Chrome Grey Upholstered Dining Chair (pair) for dining table

Shop the Madison grey upholstered chair

Match with the Madison grey upholstered chair. The angular shape of the mirrored, chrome chair frame has a nod toward the Art Deco style, perfect for reclaimed elm dining table.

Pep Up the Living Room and Hallway

If you are a fan of the mirrored, chrome frame to items, you will be pleased to know there are several great pieces that are sure to catch your eye.

Maddox Reclaimed Elm Console Table front view

Shop Reclaimed Elm console table

The Reclaimed Elm console table is a sheer delight, the perfect addition to the hallway or landing. Robust and stylish, it will suit a pretty table lamp for when the winter nights draw in.

It has a coffee table counterpart, perfect in any living room. But the living room showstopper as far as we are concerned is the delectable Reclaimed Elm display unit. Cleverly designed, the angles are pleasing, supporting all kinds of sculptures, limited edition books and pretty, stylish accessories.

The Industrial ‘Look’

Not everyone makes a dash for mirrored chrome frames, and we understand. For a more industrial look, the black, angular frames of some pieces in the Maddox collection are an ideal addition to your living room, dining room and hallway.

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm TV Unit for Living Room

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As well as a dining table, the Maddox Reclaimed Elm Industrial TV unit is a simple, yet brilliant addition to any room. Simple in design, its width of 180cm is large enough to accommodate more large-screen TVs.

There are other units and accessories that match with the industrial look, including the industrial version of the living room display units. Again, making best use of repurposed elm, these display units look stunning as a single addition or use a double unit to create a striking wall display.

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Display Unit

Shop Maddox living room display units

Carefully designed, these are truly unique pieces. They are contemporary, stylish and are investment pieces that will outlive any trends and interior design fads.

The Maddox Range works well with all kinds of décor and styles, growing with you and your home over the years, adapting to changes as and when needed.  

Relax in style with Armchairs and Footstools to sigh for

We all know how relaxing it can be to settle back into an exquisite leather armchair, of course, but the experience becomes yet more wondrous when there’s a leather footstool waiting to take your stress away. Get ready to be truly wowed as we showcase some of our must-have chair and footstool options.

Settle back and soak up the comfort

There are times when you want to sit down, of course, but there are also times when you want to sit back and really unwind. For those occasions when comfort is the number one priority, the exquisite Milano Brown Cerate Leather Club Chair will be ready and waiting to float all of your boats.

Milano Brown Cerate Leather Club Chair for living room

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This magnificent brown leather armchair is beautiful on its own or as a pair, and thanks to its use of the finest Italian aniline leather it will develop its own characteristic look for many years to come. Reading the papers on a Sunday morning may never seem the same again.

Go back in style to a bygone time

While the fabulous Triumph Cerato Brown Leather Armchair is a contemporary classic, it also takes us back to a time when luxury meant everything. Plush leather chairs have the power to carry us away on a cloud of comfort, and this masterpiece is no exception.

Triumph Cerato Brown Leather Armchair

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It will fit perfectly into any room design as a stand-alone piece, but it becomes even more majestic when it’s part of a full leather furniture set. To fully appreciate the comfort that’s waiting to wow you, try it with the Triumph Cerato Brown Leather Footstool. The quilted leather on both armchair and footstool add to the sense of luxury, and the seating position has to be experienced to be believed.

A place where beauty and practicality live side by side

The very best contemporary furniture items are about far more than just looking good. The elegant Brown Cerato Leather Medium Storage Footstool offers complete comfort when you need it most, of course, but it also brings you some much-needed storage space for those bits and bobs which need to be hidden away without becoming lost altogether.

Brown Cerato Leather Storage Footstool

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The chair you’ll never want to leave

Your favourite armchair will end up being more of a sanctuary than a piece of furniture, especially when you need to unwind at the end of a difficult day. The utterly beguiling Gunthorpe Cerato Black Leather Chesterfield Armchair will relax you from the first moment you sit down, and in truth you may find it difficult to extract yourself afterwards!

Gunthorpe Cerato Black Leather Chesterfield Armchair

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Whether you want to settle back in front of the TV, relax over a glass of wine with friends or curl up with a good book, your choice of furniture will make all the difference. From a large suite of exquisite pieces to a humble grey footstool, Modish Living have everything you need.