Reclaimed Wood Furniture Influenced by Danish Design

Wherever you are in the world, Danish design will be a popular feature in the most stylish homes. The smooth finishes such as rounded delicately flared legs and curved edging add the simple elegance associated with charismatic Danish design. 

All these stunning features can be found on our new Trondheim Babylon collection, which really is beautiful.

The Trondheim Babylon Reclaimed Wood Shelving Unit is a truly unique shelving
unit, perfect for your living room, hallway or study. The angled shelving and colourful wood certainly adds character to the piece, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on functionality. The combination of shelves and drawers means all your clutter will have a home in one spot.

The Trondheim Babylon Reclaimed TV Cabinet has the beautifully curved edges that Danish design is so famous for. There is also plenty of storage so your TV remotes will never get lost again!

Combining simplicity and functionality is what Danish design has always been known for. I love the Trondheim Babylon Reclaimed Wood Desk for its modern minimalistic design. The style of the unique rounded legs are so unique and will look gorgeous in any design led home. What’s also great about this is you could have it angled the centre of the room to make a statement with your workspace.

If you are looking for beautiful classic design, look no further than gorgeous Danish design. To view the full range of Trondheim Babylon furniture at Modish Living, please visit our website.


Charlotte Blackmore

Blog Editor, Charlotte Blackmore

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