Rustic Wonders for your Dining Room

Saltash reclaimed wood dining range

Rustic charm is something that many of us want to try and achieve, as it has become a leading look in many designer led homes. Why not try transforming your home with a few simple changes by introducing pieces of furniture from our popular Farringdon range.

The stunning natural lightwood of our Farringdon range creates an earthy minimalist finish which is perfect on its own or for blending with other styles. The neutral colour also means that it works with many different colour schemes; add grey to create a truly classic dining room or add an earthy pop of colour like blues and greens.

The Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table is the perfect dining table for your room. The solid table is made using 100% reclaimed wood which adds character and a different story to each piece. Not only this, the table extends so it is perfect for both smaller and larger spaces and times when you want to entertain more family and friends at once.

The Medium Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Dresser is a perfect compliment to the Farringdon Dining Table and adds ample storage for all your crockery or glassware as well as displaying your favourite pieces. The open shelving on the top unit is also perfect for creating a display which will add a touch of colour or style to the room. Mix your favourite mugs with family pictures or a stack of cookbooks to add a truly personal touch to your dining room.

When it comes to styling your dining room, why not try selecting two or three pieces from the range. This creates a flow and uniformity without feeling overpowered by too much rustic style. You can also soften the look by introducing upholstered dining chairs to your dining room or adding some other modern touches with your accessories.

To view the full range of Farringdon furniture, please visit our website. If you are looking for any guidance, please get in touch with one of our team members.

Charlotte Blackmore

Blog Editor, Charlotte Blackmore

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