The enduring appeal of British Interiors

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How would you describe British Style?

British Style is about longevity and is about comfort. It is rather the good looking English gentleman wearing a suit- the suit is probably old yet it looks immaculate; it doesn’t scream at you and the person wearing it, in the same way, in the same way a well designed room should not shout at you when you enter – it is about creating a place for good conversation and relaxation.

The essence of British Style defies characterization, it can be found simultaneously in the grand rooms of the vast Scottish country house or in the plain low ceilinged walls of a small cottage in Suffolk, in a Georgian terraced house or a 1970’s seaside fish and chip shop. British style is about trusting your instincts and putting furniture and accessories together in a relaxed way.

Ultimately British design has modesty in its style, and brings together a sense of historical reference and a deep understanding of materiality.
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Why is British Design so popular right now?

There are many factors, which have contributed to energy around British Design today. The first is real economics. There is a market for British goods again in the UK, because the pound is not so strong, so it’s more expensive to buy from abroad. The there is the cultural economics. You can see the influence of austerity on taste with consumers looking for longevity and integrity. The tradition of British craft skills is still in our blood and still within our manufacturing capabilities.

Great British Companies are making great British Products and in these days when we have to think sustainably and about the cost of transporting products half way round the world this can only be a good thing.

British made furniture encourages sustainability and supports local workforces and our national community and economy. The following are some British companies and why they make and produce in Britain. Loft furniture have taken the designs of Robin Day and his ground breaking approach which led the world in post-war furniture production and proudly manufacture his classic designs in Leeds.
Too much disposable “stuff” is made in the world today and low cost furniture in middle of the road designs is not built to last. British made products generally have more inventiveness, higher levels of intellectual value and cultural evidence says Sean

Sutcliffe, founder of Benchmark furniture. While the UK is not a large manufacturing base it once was, we are a nation of innovative and creative individuals. As a result Britain will always produce work that looks forward rather than back, and the trick for many manufacturers is to promote these difference around the world.

The fact is, it is cheaper to make furniture abroad, but it is a short-term gain compared to the loss of skills, employment and job satisfaction. This is felt most strongly by companies like Isokon Plus and Pinch. Russell Pinch recently commented, “The UK has the most amazing skills heritage passed down through the generations. That creates a wealth of opportunities and in the best cases, a cultural sensitivity between the maker and the designer that gives products a point of difference – a British signature in a very crowded global market.
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The trend for up cycling for using reclaimed materials is only a further testament to this and can be used extensively in new products, be it a piece of driftwood to create an amazing table or recycling old flooring for new applications. Something we all have to think about and what contributes to a exciting and varied interior.


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