What makes this Rustic range so special

The Rustica Reclaimed Wood Furniture range at Modish Living is handcrafted to perfection and makes a truly stunning addition to any room.

But what makes the range so special? First of all, the gorgeous naturally dark reclaimed wood is a luxurious option for your home which adds plenty of charisma and style to any room. This is showcased beautifully with the Rustica 2 Drawer 4 Door Reclaimed Wood Sideboard. The sideboard is not only stunning but a perfect place to store all your belongings whether its glasses, chinaware or smaller items.

The Rustica range is also made from solid hardwood making it extremely hard wearing. This is perfect for a piece like the Rustica 4 Drawer Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table which sits at the heart of your living room. The gorgeous hardwearing wood and drawers at either side of the piece make it a practical option which will bring you years of enjoyment.

Not only this, the range is full of character, as each piece is handcrafted in a small independent workshop in India where craftsman take great pride in their work. Many of the pieces use wood which was previously utilised from housing and other purposes in India. This means each piece in the ring adds uniqueness and story to your living space.

To find more details about the Rustica range from Modish Living, please visit our website or get in touch with one of our team.

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

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