Are TV Cabinets a thing of the past?

Over the years, TV's have turned to 3D, Smart Content, Plasma and become slimmer and lighter, and let's not forget, vastly improved quality!  With this, we've seen more people placing TV's and Plasma screens on their walls.  So where does this leave us with a TV Cabinet?  Is this piece of furniture now redundant? 
Well lurking around the corner is the new OLED TV (Organic Light-Emitting Diode), a technology that's used in this TV makes it possible to make an even slimmer TV set than LCD and plasma, plus it's more eco-friendly and efficient.  
But even with this beautiful slim line TV's, there is still something beautiful and satisfying (possibly more from an interior perspective), about placing your TV on to some sort of shelf.  We created this Contemporary Moss Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet for our studio, however the true beauty of this cabinet is you can have it any width, any height, and any depth.  You can even have it as just a floating shelf for you TV, making it a perfect fit for your home.  
So here at Modish Living, where we you can have made to measure furniture, no we don't see our TV cabinet's as a thing of the past, but more a thing of the future!  

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