Sleeping Beauty...

Moss Reclaimed Wood King Size Bed: (source)
We want to tell you a secret.  Or maybe it's not really a secret... but to truly enjoy a quality life, guess what you need?  We asked lots of friends and family and one thing that stood out was a good nights sleep...  This is why we at Modish Living have put SO much time and energy in to building this absolutely beautiful Luxurious Moss Reclaimed Wood Bed. 
Reclaimed Wood Under the Bed Drawer: (source)
While making the bed, we wondered how we could add a teeny tiny more luxury.  What did we come up with..?  Well.., as storage is such a luxury we could all enjoy a little more of these days, we decided to also build a beautifully hidden away under the bed drawer, using the same aged reclaimed wood as the bed, sliding perfectly underneath, and only visible from the sides!
Luxury Moss Reclaimed Wood Double Bed: (source)


  • Marta

    this looks wonderful! i was just thninikg i need to cook up another one of my lovely winter squash. i do kind of love food as decor though! although i would always eat it eventually decor as food?thanks for this! -

  • Jayem

    Sharon thank you for being such a big support of my work. I have dirvecosed that mostly white is so clean and restful as long as the furnishings are interesting and somewhat colorful. Thanks for posting!

  • Valeriu

    Oh I love the grey trim. My little ones are about to move bdoeroms in a few months. This would be a lovely new items to have in the downstairs bdoeroms. And i think a special trip all the way to Tasmania Australia would make it even more special.

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