Are you paying too much for made to measure furniture?

Bespoke made to measure reclaimed wood dining furniture
It's no secret that finding skilled craftsmen in the UK to build furniture using your exact measurements, can be costly due to being handmade and time consuming (as opposed to mass produced in a factory in the far east).  
If you picture yourself in your home, realising you need a new piece of furniture, often the first thing to think of is 'we have this much space, so which size will fit best in here?'.  
The thought of having something made to measure specifically to fit your space, is something that is often out of the question.  Why? Due to cost!
Vardo Made to measure TV Cabinet in reclaimed wood 
Here at Modish Living, we take away the worry of finding something beautiful, to then only realise it won't fit.  Instead we like to think of ourselves as being able to offer everything you need in one box.   We want to help you find your perfect piece of reclaimed wood furniture.  When you've found it, we can tweak it, change it, and re-size it.  We will do whatever we can to make this an easy and enjoyable shopping experience, giving you the perfect item and the ideal cost.
Made to measure reclaimed wood coffee table
Our pricing is based on the complexity of the design, and the volume of wood used.  So if a fancied a reclaimed wood coffee table at 70cm long, or at 80 cm long, our pricing increase by volume of wood used, and no additional charges would be made for having it made to measure.  
You wont have to shop around after visiting us at Modish Living.  

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