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White light reclaimed wood

Whiteleaf reclaimed wood trunk coffee table
Everybody is talking about the stunning white light ranges of Scandinavian living.  Now that we are thriving with Indian reclaimed wood ranges, we have now managed to find a way to blend a little Nordic beauty with these Indian designs.  The mystique of the Whiteleaf range is fast becoming an enchanted and timeless trend.


Apr 03, 2015

thanks! Been thinking togruhh it for a long time… going to slat pipe holes in the wood so that I can simply “drop” the wood over the piping and the holes in the wood will keep it in place between the pipe… I hope… ha

Apr 01, 2015

It is a lot of fun making those and playnig around with the different configurations. When I redid my store in Toronto we used the same things and hand built table and display racks that way… reminded me of playnig with my dads old Erector set at my grandfathers place when I was a kid.

Mar 30, 2015

I couldn’t agree more! I truly love bebodaard! The items that are posted currently were made with bb that I reclaimed from a barn out in the country. I love the look but I really love wondering about it’s past.It’s funny how we pass things on to our kids that more than likely ..we picked up from our parents! Keep covering your house with bb and thank you so much for sharing. Cindy


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