Chic Urban Dining

Vardo Reclaimed Wood and Steel Dining Table
Modish Living opened their online boutique last year, offering the public a selection of chic and stylish furniture made entirely from reclaimed wood.
Their statement piece, the Vardo dining table, is handmade in the UK by skilled craftsmen using locally sourced high quality reclaimed timber joists, and raw steel. 
Bespoke Reclaimed Wood and Steel Dining set
The Co-founder Hellen Barlow said “there’s a real buying change amongst us now, people are really interested in having a statement piece in their home which is not only chic and urban but one that has an interesting history and lots of character about it” 
Vardo Reclaimed wood and steel chair
Modish Living have found that the increase in sales of the Vardo range is encouraged by many interior and lifestyles magazines promoting these designs, as well as a growing desire to have made-to-measure furniture that fits perfectly in their home. 
Reclaimed wood and steel dining set

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