Dining with Flowers!

Gothenbury dining table with flowers
Through-out history, we have decorated our dining tables with flowers.  The Romans would often place flowers in a dining room to add a nice scent and help perfume the room, as well as decorate the table.   Yet the medieval man saw flowers either as useful medical plants or symblols.  Later on in time (still hundreds of years ago) flowers on your dining table became a luxury for the rich, and less about adding value through scents or symbols.  
But then later on in time, a change came a long, where flowers were seen as a distraction as white luxury table cloths and strong vibrant colours on the carpet were seen as the real centre pieces.   
Moss dining table with flowers
However in more recent years, table decorations have become a key feature, not only for festive seasons, but as dining in has increased, so has the importance of setting the table. 
Vardo dining table with flowers
Yet there seem to be no rule to which flowers or decoration to use on your dining table!  So although flowers could be seen as a luxury, with supermarkets selling flowers at an affordable price, it has now reached the wider public, and no longer just for the rich and mighty.
Moss Extendable Dining Table with Flowers

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