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5 top tips to consider when buying a new dining table

Stunning setting of a painted white Reclaimed Wood Dining Set
1. Colour
Make sure the colour matches the setting you are placing the table in.  If you're going for a painted white wooden table like this Modish Living Gothenburg range, then find other items in your home that will help it blend in.  In the image above, we've placed it near a white fireplace, but it could also be placed near a feature wall, or a white mirror and so on... 
Painted drawer in a Modish Living Reclaimed Wood Dining Table
2. Attention to detail
Pay attention to the finish used throughout.  The quality is often in the finish and can be seen by looking at the small things, such as what handles are used (if any).  How aligned does it look.  Do additional features blend in with the overall style.  In this image, you can see the rustic cup handle is solid and fully aligned, thus blending in perfectly with the overall dining table.
Moss Reclaimed Wood Dining Table which Extends for additional use
3. Does it meet your need?
The most important thing to consider when buying a new table is to make sure it meets your need.  Will you be using it for mainly the family?  Or do you often have dinner parties?   A recommendation we would offer, unless you go for an extendable table such as the Modish Living Moss Extendable table as seen above, then try seeing if you can fit a table in your room which allows you to seat everyone along the length of the table, thus using the ends for additional guests when needed. 
Girl at the Rustic Reclaimed Wood Dining Table
4. Consider seating
Often people will buy their seating to go with their dining table.  Consider what look you are aiming to get.  If buying a bench, which is often seen in many lifestyle magazines such as Living Etc, Homes & Garden and so on, make sure you consider if the bench needs to fit between the table legs (so it's easy to tuck away) or if you can afford enough space to maximise the seating, by have it the full length of the table. 
Reclaimed wood dining table by Modish Living
5. How well is it built?
With so many manufacturers making a table with wood, however using chip or ply wood in less visual areas, it's worth finding out what the finial quality is.  Ask if it's made from 100% wood.  Buying a dining table is a big investment, make sure it is exactly what you expect. 

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