What picture would be on your wall?

Ant Fox Pin Up Girl, Brighton
Picture: Pinup girl by Ant Fox
There is a lot to say about what goes on the walls of your home.   It shows a little of who you are.  It not only shows which colours you like or what style you prefer, but pictures can go a little further than that.  Pictures can sometime gives others an idea of what you're about, whether you're a minimalist, or someone who loves light airy rooms, or someone who just loves having fun.
Johnny Cash, Ant Fox, Brighton
Many of us wouldn't normally just hang random pictures on our walls.  Quite often there is a reason behind us choosing a particular picture.  If you walked in somewhere, and a large Johnny Cash print was on the wall, then that in itself would give you an impression about that person.
Hippo Fun Portrait, Ant Fox, Brighton
Picture by: Gentleman Hippo by Ant Fox
What ever the picture, shape or size, whether it's focus is around colours, paintings, photographs, large posters, graffiti, children's drawings or fun portraits such as the Gentleman Hippo above, it is all something that can add to giving an impression of who you are.
White Flower, Ant Fox, Brighton
Picture by: White Flower by Ant Fox
Finding the right image for your wall, one that tells a little about you, can be hard to find.  We've therefore focused on the vast collection painted by a local Brighon artist, Ant Fox.  Ant seems to very cleverly mix his styles, creating a little for everyone.
Chim Portrait, Ant Fox,  Brighton
One of our all time favourites is the final piece here - the Chimp Law by Ant Fox

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